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February 07, 2007



YOU GO GIRL! This is awesome! If Top Chef elves have any sense, you're a shoe-in! Break a leg...or Merde, as they say here. bises, L


Loved the film. Can you put a link in the post, so your readers can write to the Top Chef program and tell them to choose you?


The beginning was really quite cute! Good job -- outside of winning you a bazillion reality show dollars, this is something you'll treasure later.

SOOO -- did he come up with something that's better in France than in America :)

Ms. Glaze

Laura – Thanks for the encouragement!!! It certainly means a lot to me coming from my favorite bi-country chef (SF, Paris). Love your new cookbook!!!

Lilalia – I'm not sure if there's a place you can vote for the upcoming contestants, but I will check and see :-)

Tinfoiled – I'll have to let my boss comment on that one. I cut out the part on the video where he answered, "When you're not taping I want to ask you something....". You know, I just like to turn up the heat every now and then with some friendly patriotic rivalry. Nothing too serious. When you work 14 hours a day together you've got to keep it interesting, huh?


Ohmigod! I love it! It's 100% effective and totally adorable!!

Me loves! You MUST get on the show!


Just curious why you didn't mention that you attended Le Cordon Bleu?

Ms. Glaze

Stephanie – Hmmm, good question, because I loved my education at Le Cordon Bleu and I included it on my application. Most of my cooking education has been hands on working in restaurants and teaching basic cuisine to teenagers. I came to LCB after already having years of work experience. LCB reinforced technique, regional French cuisine, and opened the doors for me to work in French restaurants.

I first started cooking when I lived in London after college. I was trying to make it as an actor and after months of rejection and work visa problems I was close to starving. A female American chef took me in and together we ran a small internet cafe. That was my first cooking class! I always seem to learn the hard way.

Ms. Glaze


It's just wonderful, and I do hope you get accepted. As far as the "two chefs from one restaurant" goes, both Ilan and Marcel attended the CIA, and I believe that Bravo not only fueled their competitive drama, but chose them as finalists because it makes for higher ratings.

I better never hear you say you want to pee on another Top Chef contestant, though, as that pointy-headed weasel, Marcel, did.

GOOD WORK, Ms. Glaze!


Hey Ms. Glaze,

I've got nothing to do with the chef life. I'm working for an Interaction Design Lab.

I just moved to Austria for a while. So, maybe I'll have some similar experience living in a new culture, not knowing the language very well, and working my butt off for something I love to do.

Hope you get the chance on Top Chef!

Congrats on the work in Paris.



you so cute and i am so excited it seems I get the chance to meet you very soon. If you get famous will you still hang with me????

bon chance!




Ms. Glaze -
I'd be so excited if you get on Top Chef. After working for Guy Savoy, you can handle any US kitchens! I'm even more excited for you to be in Las Vegas. Let me know when you'll be there and I'll definitely come see you for a weekend - if you can ever leave the kitchen! Hope all is well in Paris! It was great to see you a few weeks ago!



I do hope you get on Top Chef. Best of luck to you!

Chris the Editor (tee hee)

Amy, what a cutie you are! You look so beautiful at the beginning of the tape and I loved how you ribbed your coworkers about how America is better. I could tell they love you very much -- you're making service time fun and funny. I'll keep fingers crossed that you get into Top Chef!


I think it’s great you are going to be in Las Vegas! It has become such a restaurant Mecca, who knows, you may end up opening your own restaurant there???? Certainly most of the really famous chefs have had huge success in Las Vegas. We go to Las Vegas a few times a year because my husband is often asked to give a speech there. If you are not a gambler (and I’m not), there is not a lot to do during the day other than shop. I know I would love to be able to sign up for a few really stellar cooking classes given by a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, as well as eat in her restaurant!

Paula Richmond

I'm Tse's stepmother, so I've been following her adventures at LCB and now at the secret 3 star restaurant in Paris. She also turned me on to your website which I find quite delightful! I know she appreciates your friendship, too.

I'm a rabid Top Chef fan and so, Miss Amy, I worry about your being accepted on this program. I can only imagine how hard it must be on the competitors' psyche, especially when they decide YOU are the bad guy. They even get physical! Are you up for that kind of abuse? Haven't you had enough of that at the restaurant? This season have been disappointing for the lack of professionalism from the competitors and the way the producers encourage these conflicts. So, if this is your desire, I wish you well, but protect your heart.

MS. Glaze

Paula – I'm sorry that Tse's the lone woman at the restaurant right now! I didn't mean to abandon her!!! I agree with you about the second season of Top Chef. The outcome was unsatisfying because neither contestant had the maturity to be considered a 'true chef' judging from their behavior throughout the show – although they both had incredible creativity.

I'm not too bad at kickboxing, as long as some 200lbs guy doesn't try to pin me to the floor. (Uh, that was a little scary, no?) You know, I look sweet, but I'm a tough cookie ;-)

Ms. Glaze

Mlle Smith

The beginning of the video was so funny and cute. I hope to see you on Top Chef and if the date was too late, there's ALWAYS next year for you to go after 'em!

Why do people sign up for the show, btw? Maybe the opportunities that can follow as far as cooking shows, TV appearances, etc? I haven't a clue (I don't watch) but you just keep being a fierce go-getter!


forget the cooking show, how about stand-up comedy? You could be the latest chef to convert to "why america is better than everybody else" comedy routines. Actually, this would be a first I think so I'm not sure how good of a niche this would be. But what the heck...

MS. Glaze

I signed up for THE KENMORE PRO KITCHEN!!! Puh-leease, $100k is nothing after that silly luxury tax. Chef's are kinda of a strange masochistic bunch. Why else would we work 15 hours a day,in extremely hot conditions, for next to no money?

MS. Glaze

Top 10 Reasons Why U.S. is Better Than France
1. People don't look at me like I have a disease when I break a sweat at the gym
2. A martini is NOT made with Martini blanco.
3. Crispy Cremes
4. White zin (okay, I'm joking here)
5. Non smoking restaurants, bars, clubs
6. Oscar Meyer weiners with Heinz ketchup and French's yellow mustard. Deep fried snickers. Light beer. Lays potato chips.
7. Baseball games – go Giants!
8. Brunch
9. Television (have you seen French TV shows?)
10. Post 1980's pop culture


hormonally challenged teenagers? excuse me? ahahahah loved the vid i hope you make it! vegas...woooh!!


Top Chef... I'm sure you'll cook up a veritable storm of heavenly cuisine if you get on the program, but goodness help the person who has to clean up after you!


I loved watching you; I hope you get a chance to be on the show! If not, there's always next year, or the Food Network's Next Food Star! ;-)

Chef Damien LE BIHAN

Bonjour à tous, je suis le boss d'Amy. tout d'abord je voudrais lui dire merci pour le travail qu'elle à éfectué pendant 8 mois avec moi. Et puis j'aimerais répondre aux personnes qui pensent que les américains sont meilleurs que les français : sur quelque points vous avez raison mais je voudrais tout de même dire que nous avons des qualités :
- on peut fumer quand on veut et où on veut
- on peut frapper les commis et les stagiaire surtout AMY
- on peut faires des joks sur les différentes culture sans être traité de raciste
- mais surtout les français sont réputés pour être les meilleurs .... (ce n'est pas moi qui le dit ce sont des américaines).
Et pour finir je te souhaite bonne chance pour Top Chef, tu mérites de gagner (si tu gagnes tu me donneras la moitié car j'ai pris le tempsn de tout t'apprendre).


Dear Madame Glaze,

We wish you the best of luck on your try for Top Chef. We will be hoping for your win if you're selected to be on the show! We've really enjoyed your blog, and would be sure to visit that restaurant when in Paris again. They seem to have high attention to quality of food/service and cleanliness! :)

And, how nice your boss Damien write and support you here on your website (although I think he has some self-interest there* hee hee) ;)

*(si tu gagnes tu me donneras la moitié car j'ai pris le tempsn de tout t'apprendre)



When I read your blog, I can only sit back stunned in awe and admiration -- it's amazing all that you have accomplished so far as a chef here in France! Many congratulations to you, and the best of luck with Top Chef... As well as the work visa for Guy Savoy! You are an inspiration.

Bonne continuation !

(this coming from an American gal who started cooking in France, in her own home, at the ripe ol' age of 30...!)

Denise McDonald

Love the video and hope you make it to Top Chef. Tse is my dearest friend and I've read and heard lots about you from her.

Bon Chance!!!


Amy I LOVED your audition video! I hope you make it on the show and win! We will be rooting for you!

natalie et gilles


Ha ha, I LOVE Damien's comments! :-)


With all my heart I hope you get a spot on Top Chef. You are a natural star and deserve to be in front of the camera. But can you please hurry up and come back?? I'm dying here without you at our fabulous (ha, ha) three-star restaurant and am getting yelled at for burning the foie gras. Why can't you be like Amy they all ask me. Course I want to tell them that if I was like you, I wouldn't be working there any more! Oh well, only three more weeks left. Good luck in Vegas!


Smart, funny, adorable. Hell, start your own show!


Neal Sobel

Your right it was embarassing. Your a line cook with unreal aspirations be content

Ms. Glaze

Wow Neal, You're so inspiring! Did you not notice that the last winner of Top Chef was a line cook? Um and I think the winner of the first Top Chef was also a line cook? And I think the runner's up to the winner's were also line cooks? Don't be a hater, there's too much of that in the world already

Ms. Glaze

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