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March 16, 2007



now, i only do this to people who cook for me normally, but... will you marry me?


I've been doing a ton of entertaining lately...this looks perfect. Any chance one could get that tart recipe? It looks divine!

MS. Glaze

so sorry about the tart recipe. I don't know why it didn't post. I'll have to redo it immediately...thanks for the head's up!

Ms. Glaze

ps. I'm back in Paris now...

MS. Glaze

Jeorg – If you teach me French I'll look into the legality of poligamy ;-)


deal. but you realize, you will have to feed me??? :)

MS. Glaze

Okay I've posted my pear tart recipe. Sorry about the delay!


Coq Au Vin is going to be tonight's dinner!

What cookbooks would you recommend for bistro fare? I've done all les recettes in Thomas Keller's Bouchon cookbook.

Also, I live in Palo Alto and have a large backyard with a potager [kitchen garden]. What vegetables would be on your perfect potager list?

MS. Glaze

Bonjour Nadine! My favorite french bistro cookbook is one called "French the Secrets of Classic Cooking Made Easy" by Carole Clements and Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen. The recipes are easy and the measurements are given in Metric and American standard. All the recipes are authentic and delicious without all the fuss or unnecessary fat. Great pics too! I have the Bouchon cookbook and it is also really good. This one doesn't have as many recipes but I find it thorough!

As far as a potager garden goes these basic essentials would be on my list: carrots, onions, potatoes, leeks, turnips, zucchini. It's also common to have a separate garden just with leeks or potatoes for soup. Why not add tomotoes, basil, and fava beans for a provencal pistou soup?


what is your vinagrette recipe? I'd love to see it! I have been trying to replicate the "not to sharp"-ness of the french vinagrette for years. Thanks1


The last time I cooked Coq au VIn I was a Vegan. I called it "Tof Au Vin' instead.

Hey - don't forget to call me for cocktails when you are next back in SF, if your mum will let you out of the kitchen for a minute!

how is vegas?



Hey, you left out the pig's blood in your Coq Au Vin recipe as the thickening agent. Le Cordon Bleu would be quite upset if they knew you were deviating from a true French recipe. Granted it's a little challenging to pig up a liter of blood in the grocery store back in the states, but I bet a local butcher could get his hands on some. Of course I'm only kidding. When we made this recipe in class, I could taste the blood too much. I guess being a vampire or the head of some off the wall cult are out of the question for me...


So when are you coming home again?

: D


P.S. I bet I can get you some pig's blood. Seriously.


are you working in Paris? I'm heading to Paris for work. ;)

MS. Glaze

Hey Tse, I think you're thinking of the Coq de Bercy recipe that called for a pint of pig's blood. Coq au Vin only has wine.

Hi Vanessa, When are you coming? I'm here in Paris!

Tana, I'm so sorry I missed you when I was home. My mom put me to work! I really would love the opportunity to meet you. Perhaps we can stroll through a pumpkin patch together or something?!?!

Sam, I'm not sure about red wine and tofu, but if there's anyone on this planet that can make it taste good – it's you! Sorry I missed you when I was home.


I'm about 2½ years late in discovering this blog... but where can I see the rest of the recipes -- the salad dressing and crudites? Thank you! We're making this for a dinner party on Saturday!


I am 10 months later than Marianne

Did anyone receive the salad dressing recipe and crudite?
Trying this menu for the Canadian Thanksgivingdinner this weekend.



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