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April 10, 2007


Niall Harbison

The simple recipes are always the best, keeping it simple is an art, many people try to get too fancy and forget to let the ingredients do the work! Keep up the good work and post more videos, your fans demand it!!


i just had that for dessert this evening. it is def one of my favorites. although i do prefer plain whole yogurt to creme fraiche.


I am being just a bit nosey. How do you manage to barbeque in a Paris apartment? Also, I will be in Paris for a couple of weeks starting June 20th and I am thinking of making reservations at Guy Savoy and would love to meet you if you are working then.
Is this possible? I love reading about your trials, tribulations and happy things working in a three star Parisian restaurant. I admire your courage and how you deal with what most Americans are too squeamish to even think about - such as your preparations of poultry, bird. meat and fish. Most people, at least the ones I know, do not want to cut up a chicken, filet a fish, and certainly not skin a rabbit. As a European I grew up in a home where most of this was done, except, perhaps, skinning rabbits.
Love your writing and sense of humor, too. Ellen

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Ellen!

Yes, you've guessed it, I have a rooftop terrace. Sipping champagne while bbq-ing and watching the Eiffle Tower sparkle in the distance is heaven on earth.

Please let me know if you want a reservation at Guy Savoy. I would be happy to arrange your lunch/dinner and a menu too if you like. I suggest going for lunch and doing the 100euro tasting menu. It's a lot of food and a great way to sample the cuisine. Otherwise the dinner menus go for around 250euros a person not including wine.

Thanks for your comment and email me if you want a reservation!

Ms. Glaze


MMMMMMMM.....strawberries, creme fraiche, and brown sugar! Yum! Call me, I miss you....

Andy Jackson

I'm going to try this recipe tonight. You should add the wine to the list of ingredients though since I missed it when making my grocery list and I just got lucky that I have a bottle of white at home, as I usually only stockpile red.


BBGrill Covers

this was a great recipe! thanks!

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