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April 18, 2007



that is way more awesome than some silly tour. wow. cool idea.


Watching you in the video convinced me that you are meant for a career in Television. You know the woman on the Travel Channel that goes all over the world and reports on everything....you could totally snag that job!!


I watched your video and I found it lovely! You're great and I think you have to work on tv!
You showed something about lOndon that I've never seen, although I lived there for a year and a half!


What a kick! Had a good time watching this... Looks like you guys had a fab time in London!

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

Brown's is such a good choice for the tea. Better than the more famous Ritz IMO....


that was so cute! i loved it! you need to send it in to the travel channel if top chef doesn't work out! and since it looks like its gona be too late/hard/expensive to get me to europe this summer why dont you take me around on your videos....next stop rome!


Another online Emmy for you sweetie pie! I'm glad you cut out the butterfly wings and post 10 gin and tonic scenes :)

jamie b

Glad to see you actually had tea at high tea. Or was that just stock footage. Great video guys. Wish i could have joined you. but your rooftop garden was enjoyable too. no video footage though....he he

Eddie Lin

UR da bomb, Mz. Glaze! Totally ready for primetime!


The time out game isn't bad, but for a real challenge you should try Ravenchase Adventures - It is adventure for the spirited intellectual. A combination of Amazing Race, Da Vinci Code and the Game.

John Dempsey

Good vid. By the way, friends have tried Ravenchase and said they were OK in the States. I have used X Marks The Spot in London and Budapest. These guys are awesome. They're based in London so really know their local stuff - and for the Budapest event the guy who ran our day also knew Budapest inside out both on and off-the-beaten track. Clever clues too and a brilliant format. I believe they do this sort of thing all over Europe.

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