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May 25, 2007



What an encounter at the laundomat! cette histoire really made my day ! it made me so laugh! but you are absolument right about la bise: It's one of those French things that sometimes you just can't get out of!`` lol. lila. french expat, living in jamaica. cheers.


Thank you for turning what happened to you into a funny story ;-)
This guy was just rude, and/or drunk.

François (Parisian looser having though its own machine)

christine (myplateoryours)

In my experience, doing one's laundry in any foreign country invites the weird into one's life. You certainly handled it with grace and aplomb. One up for the Americans!

Susie Vereker

Just found your blog and am fascinated by your chef stories and great recipes.
Re the Americans, couldn't they have bought their Eurostar tickets at the nearest RER station? Kind of you to ask them home. Glad they weren't weirdos too.
all best, Susie Vereker
"Pond Lane and Paris"
"An Old-fashioned Arrangement"

Ms. Glaze

Susie – Thanks for your comments! You're right about buying the ticket at the RER station however, if you buy them online via the American eurostar site you can save about half the amount. I don't know why it's cheaper but it is. (I'm glad they weren't weird too!)

Christine – I was just contemplating the ritual of laundry again today, and it is indeed a cultural experience. In India I did all my clothes by hand with a scratchy blue bar of soap and then drapped meters of sari fabric to dry across my room. London, I had one of the washer/dryer in one machine that doesn't do either very well! I guess I'm still stuck on Maytag.

François – I hope you don't think I'm insinuating that French people are loosers!!! My laundromat is just a little special. Thank for your note ;-)

Lila – So what's laundry like in Jamaica? Okay, I'm going a little overboard, but I'm just curious. Kiss, kiss, Ms. Glaze


It's funny, because everyone in America wants 'European' appliances...but how come the European washing machines in America only take about 40 mins versus the ones here, that take 2+ hours just for the wash part?

And get with the program, Ms. Glaze. (Sorry, but I don't think that translates...): Wash your clothes at home, then take 'em to the laverie automatique to dry them.

Unless you're looking to meet new people...

Ms. Glaze

OMG David, that is too too funny! And you are so right about dragging over wet laundry. Read the previous 2 posts under Washing Machine Stories and you will understand my rage when it comes to people that circumvent the normal washing line. There have been too many times when I've been cut off at the dryers because people bring in their wet laundry. Many a Sunday has been ruined by these 'cutters'!!! But, maybe you're right, maybe I should get with the program....hmmm.....


Ms Glaze,
I am sorry, don't misunderstand me, it was not a hint at all. I know you didn't mean French are loosers of course.
I was just talking about myself: i am passing though life like a character in a Woody Allen movie..lol
But i have to let you now: i can smell my scrambled eggs are burning ;-)


ms. glaze, in france, there is no such thing as a line. ;) take the wet load there to dry.

and i am impressed by your hospitality with the other americans. i am the worst when it comes to talking to strangers. i hate doing it and will refuse to do it...


Oh Ms Glaze, that's so creepy! Glad you could get the heck out of there.


Ms. Glaze,

You're a riot and... You quote the Grateful Dead? I love it!

Hmmm... Let's see, I would take creepy French laundry day over Siberian Soviet laundry day in the dead of winter, although I've done the Northern India beat the clothes over the rocks in the water laundry day too.

Could that be the making of a book avec photos? Cat

Ms. Glaze

Cat – There was a time when knowing every Grateful Dead song by heart was VERY important to me. Even more important than studying my French in highschool!

"I set out running but I take my time, A friend of the devil is a friend of mine, If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight "

I'm up for a book on doing laundry around the world could be a bestseller!

King Negrito

na unt ? was passiert ???


Ha ha, sounds like a guy from the south of france. Like brazilians they don't take a hint and seem to relish it when they finally piss you off and you tell them where to go.. no win situation..

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