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May 08, 2007



If you get a chance, try some of the heritage breed chickens here in the US as well. All I can say is that I'm now spoiled for life. Thank goodness I have a local supplier....


In fact when the Michelin Guide came into eat (there were five of them), we cooked up a large chapon.

Wait a second -- you knew when the Michelin reviewers were there? I thought they reviewed anonymously. And you served them a special dish?

That kind of thing makes me doubt the validity of Guy Savoy's three stars. It's not really an accurate appraisal if the reviewers are getting special treatment.

Ms. Glaze

Amy – Thanks for your concern! It was the director of the Michelin Guide who came in. They weren't there to review us just to enjoy a special diner. Nonetheless it is still scary to cook for the head of the organization.

When the Guide Michelin comes in to review us we don't normally find out until after the dining experience is over. Sometimes they don't say anything at all, but most of the time they tell us how awesome it was! Guy Savoy is an outstanding restaurant and chef – you should come in – I'll plan a menu for you.

But just so you know, we don't pre-prepare food for people unless it is a large party. All guests choose and make up menus with the Maitre D upon arrival. That's part of the fun! In the case of the poulardes and chapons, we order a limited amount to the restaurant and it's first come first serve in the dining room.

DM – are heritage breeds one breed or are there several? I'm intrigued now! How did you find the taste different and do you think it was due to the breed or the raising of the bird!?!?


Ah yes, the inflated chicken dish. It reminds me of THE Chef!!! Oooops, I forgot my manners there for a second... I do remember seeing this dish getting served at the restaurant in a giant puffed up aluminum package, ready for table-side presentation. Then when I actually got to make it, I loved that when the dish was ready to go, we poked a tiny hole in the underside of the foil and blew air into the package to make it puff up even more. Although I didn't get to taste it, I heard it was a wonderful dish. Perhaps you could recreate it for another edition of Paris on the Terrace?

Come back soon. Can Morocco possibly be half as good as Paris??

Ms. Glaze

Hey Tse! I'm back from Morocco! Maybe you should come and do an episode of 'On The Terrace In Paris' with me and we can make special papiottes in honor of THE CHEF (hee, hee!).


Thanks for the clarification, Ms. Glaze! I hope to make to Guy Savoy one of these days...

Oui Chef

Hey Amy, ton histoire sur les papillotes et sur les volailles est très bien. il n'y a aucune faute. je suis content que tu te rappel de tout.
Je me permets de répondre aussi à l'autre Amy au sujet du guide michelin. Biensur qu'on ne sait pas quand est-ce qu'ils viennent manger chez nous mais tout le monde connait le directeur du guide michelin et parfois il vient manger chez nous comme ça, pour le plaisir par pour faire une visite surprise parce que il sait très bien que tous le monde le connait ce qui est normal et donc il sait très bien que son jugement sera faussé.
J'en profite pour te faire un petit coucou Tsé et pour te remercier pour ton commentaire sur mon blog.
A bientôt Amy (Glaze)


No wonder you had a poor view of chicken - American chicken is up to 15% fecal soup by weight. http://www.exile.ru/2002-July-25/moscow_babylon.html

interested spectator

Did you ever think that they were putting the chicken's "dog tag" necklace on you as a way of saying that you are a "poule de luxe," which as you probably know is French slang for a pretty, but high-maintenance woman? (The Poulet de Bresse being the ultimate poule de luxe...) Given the macho atmosphere in the kitchen, it's a possibility...

Ms. Glaze

PM – I've never heard that term before. Hmmph – a high maintenance woman huh? Well, there might be some truth to that. Now it all makes sense – thanks for the clarification, I really could not understand the humor or the necklace. ;-)

James – Thanks for the link. That is positively disgusting and I hope everyone reads it. Berk!

Chef – I see you're checking up on me! Don't know if you read the above comments, but now I get the chicken necklace. Very funny! (ha ha)


you know, i loved this chicken dish until the fecal comment. if i'm going to talk shit, i should atleast be able to eat it too! ok, that's wrong i know....


Just curious: how long does it take for you to plunk and gut the chicken?

A national-ranked chef in China can do these two steps in 72 seconds -- including chasing and catching the running bird in the ranch.


totally love your blog! in particular, i love the 3-star chef stories.

anyway, i thought you would have known that probably the reason you dislike chicken is because of the factory-raised american chickens. naturally raised chickens are always superior in every way, not to mention that the chicken you were cooking has it's own AOC!!!

hope you don't mind if i point out 2 boo-boos: chicken stock, not stalk. sous vide not souvide.

Ms. Glaze

Chaxiubao – Long time no see! I'm so glad you dropped by!!! Your blog is always a source of inspiration for me. So I have 72 seconds to catch the chicken, pluck and gut it? Give me some practice time and a chicken farm, and I'll give those chefs a run for their money. Plucking takes me a little time and we don't always get them with feathers. However, the gutting part I got down cold.

Pan – thank you for the corrections. Without spell check and great editors like you my posts would look worse than a first graders!


Well if I had guessed that chicken could be that complicated, I would eat only eggs :)


Pan, I thought if a girl's slip was showing then you whispered in her ear rather than let the whole room know ;)

I, of course, am far too discreet to mention 'clever'.

My parents used to buy a capon for high days and holidays when I was young. Sadly, I haven't seen one for decades. I'm now isnpried to search for one; thanks Ms G.

Ms. Glaze

I'm glad you guys are actually paying attention to the writing! I tend to type kwicker thahn aye theenk.

Tracy Hayward Osuch

Dear Ms. Glaze, I have enjoyed reading about your life and times in Paris working in an upscale restaurant. My husband has been communicating with you and forwared your suggestions for my upcoming trip from July 3-11. I have six women in my party. Would it break the bank to dine at your restaurant while there? I admire your spunk and would like to meet you! Sincerely, Tracy Hayward (Osuch), President The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley


Great read!

MSNBC (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22399337/) yesterday featured an article on chickens from Bresses which led me to to read further on differences among capon, pouillards, etc.

Like France, in Chinese markets you too can buy chickens of various breeds and ages. American chickens are just sad in comparison.

CXB: I do not believe for a second that a chicken can be caught and plucked in 72 sec!


Hi Amy,

Great post -- I loved reading it. Would you be so kind as to share the recipe for the chicken in a pocket? I would love to try this at home.


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