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May 15, 2007


Stu "El Inglés" Harris

Yeah, that Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech is the 8th wonder of the world, I think. Did you ever wake up early enough to hear the city arise and start the communal prayer? A totally amazing sound, wish I'd had a tape recorder...

I didn't care for the northern cities -- Meknes, Fez -- I was much too harassed by out of work young guys wanting to be my tour guide. (I don't DO tour guides, under any circumstances).

I also brought back a lamb tagine recipe which is a perennial favourite here. Plus, an aluminium couscoussier which is now battered but stiill serviceable.

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Stu – Thanks for adding the name of the square. The king used to decapitate enemies for everyone to see back in the day. Then the hippies took it over in the '60's. Now it's this crazy show of snake charmers, monkey shows, orange juice stalls, and food carts.

Marrakech is certainly explorable without a guide. But what I like about guides (if they're good) is they can bring the history alive and give deeper meaning to places that I would only glance at.

I find that sometimes guides take you to shops so they can make some extra money (which I don't like) but sometimes they enrich your experience. One of the most amazing private guides I had was in Delhi. I also enjoy the walking tours in Paris. I've even taken some of the walking tours in San Francisco, my hometown, and I've always found them intriguing.

I love history, but I'm not the type to sit down and read the complete history of a country before I visit (like my mother who reads history books like they are mystery novels). It would be impossible for me to comprehend a thousand years of history without some one knowledgable on the matter.

And yes, the prayer – wish i had taped that! What a trip!!!


Oui Chef

NON, NON, NON, ça va pas ça, il faut que tu reviennes travailler, tu as eu assé de vacances comme ça. Un jour à Londres, Un jour à Marrakech......... c'est quoi ce bordel ??????
Tu as bien raison d'en profiter et en plus toutes les vidéo que tu fais sont vraiment superbes. A quant ton nouveya voyage ou ta nouvelle recette ?
A bientôt Amy, Bises.


Amy, so many great videos, and this one is my favourite so far! I've always dreamt of going to Morrocco...mostly so I can bury myself in a big pile of cumin, mint tea and tagine (three of my favourite things). Tu est un star Ms.Glaze, merci pour tous tes lessons, ta belle sourrire et tes histoires de voyages et cuisine!


Hi Ms. Glaze, am planning a trip to Marrakesh this coming September/October & was thinking about hiring a guide. Any chance you can tell me how to contact this ex-Gwen Stefani guide you had?

By the way love your blog, recently found out about it through chaxiubao!

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Nanamoose! I've been searching through my file of Marrakech papers and I can't find Mustafa's number. However, if you contact the Riad in my post, Dar Les Cygognes, they can give you his number. He is also listed in the Lonely Planet guide, which we left at the hotel for furture customers. Let me know if you have trouble. He was such a GREAT guide and interesting man so I highly encourage you to spend a day with him.


This is absolutely one of my favorite posts...and I'm dreaming about Morocco now. Thanks Amy.


I loved so much this article, please post as much as you can about Morocco, your writing style is just amazing and so descriptive.

Thank You,
A Moroccan

Taroudant Immobilier

very interesting, thank you


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Hi! i will be in morocco this summer...! i'm very excited!!!
i'm learning arabic now and currently know the basic words…
i don't know very well the places...but i hope to discover it very soon! surely i will see all the things to see and do in Marrakech :-) it will be amazing! thanks for your post..and your photos !

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