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June 13, 2007




I am so happy for you that the French govt. is finally getting it together!!!

Maybe it is the new president??


Congrats on all that crazy paperwork! Enjoy your summer and I'm enjoying all the recipies you are putting up here on your blog. I hope you get on Top Chef next time around! That's so nice you got an email from the casting director.


Speaking of moulins, there is a restaurant named Le Moulin on the corner of rue de Vouillé and rue Castagnary in the 15éme. Small but really good food.


What fantastic news about your visa coming through. Love you videos, your travels afar, your pondering and wanderings, as it were... but, I can't wait for your recounting of the hunting season and your crazy work world.

They obviously made the wrong choice with Top Chef, but they've left a back door open for a reason.


Looks like Hung did well on the first round of competition. I will watch him with particular interest... :>


I'm curious; did you not announce you didn't make it on Top Chef until yesterday because of contractual issues? Since Season Three was filmed in April you must have known. Or are you talking about Season Four?

It's too bad, though, I think you would have had a good shot at it.

Ms. Glaze

Berry – You forget, I'm in time warp central, I live in Paris! I didn't even know that Top Chef was broadcasting yet!

I found out when I left Las Vegas that I didn't get the Top Chef spot but Hung didn't know at the time if he was in or not. The casting director gave me hope, but finally I had to email her after weeks of waiting, and ask her if I should stay in Las Vegas or go back to Paris. She told me the show had just been cast, but she was interested in me for the next season and would keep my email. Maybe she was serious, or maybe she was letting me down easy. Regardless, I felt she was diplomatic. As an ol' actor I've been through hundreds of auditions and I was impressed her dipomacy.

To be honest, I kind of let the whole thing go after that until recently when I put my videos visibly on my blog. So many people have been asking about the Top Chef program when I had already swept it under the table (for this season that is – I'm not giving up yet!)

Hung is so talented! I loved working with him in Las Vegas. He's quick, clean, and creative with a unique cooking history that allows him to draw upon his ethnic background as well as his training in world cuisine and the French cuisine of Guy Savoy and Thomas Keller. He also has the ego to carry him through. Hung has spent most of his life cooking and I'm sure he deserves to win. I can't wait to download it on I-Tunes and watch!!!

Are there any good women on the show? I hope so...

Ms. Glaze


Thank you so much for letting us know what happened with Top Chef. I watched the premiere last night with such disappointment that you weren't on it --but I'm hopeful for Season 4!

I hope you enjoy the time off, and I am looking forward to more of your wonderful blog entries!

Thor Thorson

While I am glad to hear that your working papers will be in order again soon, I tend to think that the involuntary pause in the pressure-cooker Guy Savoy job has led to all kind of great (self) discoveries and we are certainly grateful for the recipes that have been percolating into the blog from your various vigorous experimentations at home.
I am writing because I thought of you when reading the NY Times article yesterday about the new Pixar movie “Ratatouille” (starring the Rat Remy).
Thomas Keller was the rat’s cooking teacher in the Pixar studios and the Pixar crew spent a lot of time in excellent restaurants in Paris, including yours, Guy Savoy. I wonder whether you heard something about their visit. I, for one, am eager to see “Ratatouille” simply because great recipes are matched with great animation in this film.


Thor beat me to it! I just pulled up your site to tell you about Ratatouille, and that it made me think of you! Were you there when they made their visit? I can't wait to see the movie! I am sure that our (almost 4 year-old) daughter will love it - hope it gets to Europe soon (we are in Geneva)!

Ms. Glaze

The break from Guy Savoy has been a blessing in disguise. Aside from the time I've had to work on my own style and take trips around Europe, it's allowed me to reconnect with friends and family.

I don't really write about how difficult it is to maintain relationships while cooking double shifts daily. The restaurant becomes your family and everything else comes second. My marriage was suffering as was everything else in my life including my health.

I know when I go back this time, I will have a different outlook and be more aware of the people in my life that really matter.

I'm not sure about the Ratatouille film crew, but I will ask! I can't wait to see the movie!!! At Guy Savoy we have different film crews in just about every other week and you learn to ignore it. I've even cooked with sound crews taping kitchen noise, dipping their boom microphones into our food and in front of our faces during service. (totally annoying). Celebs are always coming in and out. I'm sure some one would have told me in the Pixar crew was in. Was it here in Paris or in Las Vegas,

Ms. Glaze


Your summer sounds absolutely brilliant! Fair play to you for not moaning and sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Enjoy every sip, taste, and minute.


we could totally get coffee if you are that bored...


the great thing about being the camera dude indeed is that I get to eat the result. maybe we'll have to do an outtakes video for folks to see all the other stuff that goes on? :) no, not THAT type of video people!


Hi Ms. Glaze!

Love your blog and thanks so much for your videos. Really hope to see you in the next season of TOP CHEF. I saw RATATOUILLE last night at a preview screening in Los Angeles! It's a fantastic movie - a food and movie lover's dream. This is officially one of my all-time favorite movies. It's a great story with the cutest rat you'll ever see and the namesake dish had my mouth watering. Oh, and how I wish I were in Paris....

Ms. Glaze

You saw RATATOUILLE last night???? I'm so jealous. I watched the trailer on my computer and it looks adorable. Gotta love Pixar films. I've been trying to dig up more info on Guy Savoy and the film because no one at the restaurant seems to know anything about it. I find this funny, because everyone else outside the restaurant does. I'll ask his personal assistant and get the real story...more later...


Just wanted to pop in and wish you a great summer here in Paris, and all around on your travels, Ms. Glaze! I love stopping in and reading all the gourmet meals you've been working on, and for such a cooking novice like me, you give me inspiration as well.

Enjoy your time off, and "bonne continuation" in the fall when you return to Guy Savoy!


i'm so glad you're getting to work at guy savoy again!!! do you know what station you'll be working at?

this question has probably already been asked. is it considered totally gauche in paris if people share every dish including entrees? i find there are so many courses that i cannot possibly finish, and i know "doggie bags" are unheard of (or used to be). i ate at laurent once and my friend and i split a salad (but ordered all other courses separately) and the waitstaff looked a bit surprised, horrified and embarrassed, altho in the nicest way.
how do the french manage to order so many courses when dining out at a more formal restaurant?

Ms. Glaze

Jeorg – I'm that bored. Fly over and we'll do coffee!
Chris – I'm really glad that you split the salad at Laurent. I hate that restaurant. I think the food is terrible and the service is snotty. I did like the desserts the last time I ate there, but that was it. Didn't they just loose another star? As for your question – it's not a good idea to split anything at a stared restaurant. It's okay in the bistros and brasseries. It's hard for me to sit through those long meals, but no one expects you to eat fast so take your time and enjoy!


You know, Top Chef isn't the only game in town. Food Network has a similar show, but the prize is getting your own program on the network. Your videos are a perfect audition! I'm just sayin'...

Chris Late

BTW, the Top Chef season has begun, and they are positioning Hung to be this season's villain. (Extremely confident...sometimes arrogant.) I feel a connection to him b/c of you.

Best of luck,


Ms. Glaze

I just downloaded the first 3 episodes of Top Chef and Hung is a ROCK STAR!!! I'm so proud of him. I know they're making him out to be the bad guy. He's not that way in real life. Yes, he's cocky and confident but DAMN HE'S GOOD!!! He's obviously the best on the show by heads and shoulders (at least in my mind).

I had a great time working with him in Las Vegas and he taught me a lot in just a few short weeks. Not just about fish, but about the difference between being a 'cook' and a 'chef'. He's gonna kick ass, just wait and see...he's got a lot more in store.

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