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June 08, 2007



Happy Birthday Eric!! Sounds like you were quite spoiled this year by your amazing wife. Amy, those raviolis sound so delicious and certainly unique. I can't wait to make them! But, my one problem is, Justin doesn't like goat cheese (I honestly don't know why i stay with him - it should be a deal breaker!) But what do you think about using ricotta for a few of the raviolis?
HOope all is well! Miss you and love you, Carrie

Ms. Glaze

Carrie – I was just thinking about you! Must be all those peaches coming in early this year (LOL). Hmmm, the goat cheese disdain could be a deal breaker, but he is a redhead and I think that makes up for it. They are special you know. Ricotta sounds like a yummy alternative – pourquoi pas? You guys coming back out soon? Bises xxxx

Ms. Glaze

Carrie – One more thing, I know you know this being the amazing pastry chef that you are, but just in case others don't – let the ricotta drain in a sieve before filling the pineapple slices otherwise it will be to liquid-y. What about cream cheese? Maybe that would work (the real kind) or even blue cheese would taste good I think.


Mmm...I like the idea of blue cheese! I'll report back to you after I've tried the recipe. I am absolutely DYING to get back to Paris to see you guys. I'm pondering the idea of an Autumn trip, as I am unfortunately on the "wedding circuit" this summer. It's hot and sticky here in Georgia, and frankly I'm a little peeved that I'm not sitting on the banks of the Seine with a bottle of wine and a picnic. Much love to you and Eric!


Such a beautiful birthday menu! The ravioli looks delicious and I'm dying to try making cafloutis. Did you do it with a crust this time?

You create such elegant menus, and everything down to the French names of each dish look delicious. When are you opening your own restaurant in Paris so I can come and apprentice?


yum! happy birthday mr. glaze.

Susie Vereker

Wow, Ms Glaze. Your husband is a lucky man. Great recipes.

As for beauty, it may fade a little over the years (looks in mirror sadly) but such cuisine lasts for ever.
all best, Susie


Happy Birthday Eric! Miss you Amy! I love these recipies you are posting up to your blog. I've got to try some of these soon. Wish I could be in Paris this summer...sigh... xoxo

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Ms. Glaze,

Why do you say to blanch the apricots before putting them in the clafouti? Am I misunderstanding this word, what do you mean in this instance?

I made cherry clafouti for my class on Sunday. I infused the dairy with crushed cherry pits from another cherry preparation but we all agreed that clafouti baked with whole cherries, oits in, makes for a more satisfying cherry experience!

Ms. Glaze

Good question about the apricots! My Grandma just never liked anything with skin on it so she always used to find a way to peel it or blanch it even for clafouti. I've never made the apricot desert myself, only the cherry. If you think that the apricots are better left whole, then I'm sure you're right. I know that you are very meticulous about these things. Thanks for catching that!

I find sometimes that apricot skin can be a little bitter when cooked and I don't know why. Do you? I like to bbq apricots with a little honey & basalmic. But even the sweetest apricots sometimes taste bitter after cooking. Is this just a phenomenon or does something happen in the cooking process?

Bises, Ms. Glaze


must admit, this was the best birthday dinner ever. thanks to my lovely wife to whom i'm eternally grateful, and fat...

mr. fatso hubby glaze wittman


I hope you find a great TV show at some point or perhaps both a TV show and a restaurant! The charisma, friendliness and disarming ways should win a few fans! The videos are great. What would make the videos better is if there's better voice projection when you speak which should make for a better aural experience. Keep it going Ms. Glaze! Lucky you Mr. Glaze!

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your page Ohhh this sounds amazing! I'll be trying this tonight! cook Diner d'Anniversaire!

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