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June 29, 2007



That was hilarious. You're two naughty girls (sorry, sausage-makers!)


Hey Amy, votre recette de boudins et de saucisses à l'air très très bonne. En plus vous faites ça comme si vous faisiez ça tout les jours. c'est vraiment superbe.
Continues comme ça et tu viendras une grande chefs.


Interestingly, Thomas Keller does a "Boudin Blanc de Saint Pierre" at the French Laundry (Napa, California) that also has black truffles in it.

Sounds quite tasty!

Ms. Glaze

Pille – I love your blog! i'm glad you found this post humourous and not too offensive.
Chef – Very funny. You're a better sausage stuffer than me by far. Way more practice. But at least Tse and I don't use a machine. Hmmmmm?
Berry – By St. Pierre, I'm assuming you mean the fish? I know at Guy Savoy we often serve St. Pierre covered with black truffle slices when they are season, but never as fish sausage. I bet Keller's Boudin is really good – what isn't at the French Laundry? During winter at Guy Savoy we do a sausage with foie gras and truffles which is where I got the idea, the stuffing is different though.


Here's a winning seafood sausage from a recent episode of Top Chef. Unfortunately, it was not Hung's dish.

King Negrito

My God this Video is amazing, I mean, i mean.... that's probably the funniest food making video i ever saw !!! Congratulations !!!! and thanks ...

Ms. Glaze

SAS – I downloaded that episode on ITunes! I dig fish sausage, but HUNG is soooooo much better than everyone. I've cooked with him. He taught me more in a week than some people have in years. The man is TALENTED!!!!

King – Bious! Still want to come to court. Sorry i couldn't make the last picnic. Your humble servent, Ms. Glaze

Alpha Chen

Great video! Just wanted to say that I found your outfit very amusing in light of this article:


Ms. Glaze

Alpha Chen – Thanks for the link – I'm in style!!! I don't watch any of those women cook (don't have cable TV here), so I had no idea. I just wanted to wear something bright against the white backdrop. But now that I know what I can get away with...


Amy you are beautiful, talented and absolutely hilarious. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can find humour in such things as sausage stuffing...

Im having trouble eating red meat these days, what would you suggest for vegetarian sausages?

Mlle Smith

This was so funny. What's that sausage squeezy aspirator-like thing called? Maybe I can purchase one.

Ohmigosh, I feel so empowered...you're going to turn me into a real cook!

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

Yesterday the pork loins were too expensive for me, so I used your mustard/rosemary recipe on much cheaper boneless chops. I also happened to have some raisins to hand so I threw a few in. It worked out very fine.


hi ms. glaze, i just found your blog and i must say you are amazing! wow, love all the food. just curious but where did you goto school? i think i'm past considering going to cooking school or working in restaurant but i am always curious. :)


oops, sorry for the obvious question. :) just finished reading all your lcb posts. i am so intrigued. the program looks great.

Ms. Glaze

Susan – Thanks for your comment! I studied at LCB in Paris. I went about pursuing the cooking profession backwards. After having cooked in restaurants in SF and London and having taught basic foods to hormonally challenged teens for five years, I decided to go back and get the actual cooking degree.

I dont regret it! It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad I knew what working in restaurants was all about beforehand. There are people who find out they hate cooking professionally after they've shilled out the big bucks for a fancy education. My suggestion is to think about how you will use the degree and do an internship at a restaurant to see if it's enjoyable. Email me directly if you need more info! Be happy to help out!!!

Gilles – Gros Bisous!!! Vegetarian sausage, huh? You know I'm very meat focused so I'll have to think about this one. Is fish acceptable? Sub the veal for firm white fish and grind it up. leave out the fatback. Mix with some chopped prawns for color and toss in some nice minced herbs like: cilantro and ground fresh ginger. Cook it gently. I still prefer meat casings to the synthetic, and that will cancel the vegetarian aspect to the dish. You can always roll the sausage up in celophane and poach it in water. Anyone else have any good suggestions!?!?

Stu – I'm glad it worked out for you! Like the addition of raisins.

Mlle. Smith – the squeezy aspirator thing is just called a "poche patisserie". It's a pastry bag in the States. If you can't find one, use a plastic bag and cut a hole in one the corners. You will need some kind of tip though...

Mlle Smith

Ms. Glaze, yesterday I went to Monoprix (for the first time) and I saw the fixings for sausage stuffing. The meat, itself.

Didn't see any intestines though. :0l Which, in my case, may have been a good thing. :0)

Thanks to this recipe, I can bypass their "stuffing" and make me own!


Delightful video. It's really cool to see how real people cook!


Mrs. Glaze, you are hilarious -- I loved this video!!


Are you aware of the REAL Id Act and its implications for all Americans, both at home and abroad? http://www.aaro.org/


I've been cooking in NYC and New Jersey for over 20 years. Now Exec chef in NJ hotel. Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Boudin Blanc video. Fun, Entertaining, Amusing, Downright Funny and yet informative with precise instructions on Sausage making. Well Done.
Congratulations and continued success.


Im in love with you (and your blog and videos)...wishing you luck on your top chef application...


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