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June 06, 2007



Now you are speaking my language. Eating cookie dough.......many times we make cookies just to eat the raw dough.

With milk climbing to well over $4.50 a gallon here in the states, I will just content myself to the dough and imagine I am drinking flavored milk........that or just let some ice cream melt and drink that....>>


Copyright covers only the expression of an idea, not the idea itself. A listing of ingredients is not copyrightable. The directions, which can fall under copyright, can still be reprinted in an "excerpt" as covered by fair use. So reprinting a whole cookbook would be bad, but a single recipe is an excerpt. If you didn't feel comfortable with even that, you can certainly list the ingredients and the directions in your own words.


Tonya R

Oh wow, that looks and sounds incredible. Anytime you want help eating cookie dough give me a shout. My favorite dough is Oatmeal with either chocolate chips and pecans or dried cranberries and walnuts, depending upon the mood.

Ms. Glaze

Great! Thank you! I didn't want to do anything illegal ;-). I'll go back and add it in...


Thanks for the recipe...


I lived 2 blocks from the Peninsula Creamery several years ago. I miss the coffee shakes. Adding that to my list of to-do's when back in the bay area.

Ms. Glaze

Phillippa– I was wondering if anybody would recognize the Creamery!

Chocoaltechic – My pleasure! How's the young chef doing?

Tonya – I think I'm so into cookies right now because they remind me of home. I never really see them here. You must be on my wavelength because I just bought some oatmeal to make cookies with. Cookie crazy right now.


He is doing well. I printed off that recipe for him. I think he is going to make some today, or tomorrow.


I'm so glad to hear you're a fan of the Secrets of Baking book. The way the book is laid out with the family trees...was a revelation to me! Love, love, love that book.

Oui Chef

bonjour Amy, how are you ? ta recette à l'air très bonne et je vais surement essayer de la faire demain. quand est-ce que tu reviens au boulot ? tu nous manques beaucoup. a bientôt et encore bravo pour toutes tes recettes.


Speaking of flavoured milk...the Dutch (children) have anis-flavored warm milk at bedtime. Craved it when I was preganant, and I hate licorice (and no, I am nit Dutch).

Found you by googling dherry clafouti, which I have been making a lot of lately, to use the cherries on our tree. Nice to find another clafouti fan!


I just stumbled upon your blog today and what do I see? you talk about the Peninsula Creamery! I went to Stanford and used to love going to the Creamery for a milkshake whenever possible. I miss that. There are lots of tasty things that I missed from here when I was over there though.

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