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June 15, 2007


Mlle Smith

Okay, this looks like something I could try my hand at...but, what do you normally serve it with? Should it be served on its own? Or should it be served as someone would serve bacon?

Also, can this be purchased in France?...sliced like so? :0l

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Mlle. Smith! I found the smoked duck presliced and packaged at Monoprix. It's hard to find whole which is too bad because I would have liked thicker slices. I served the warm salad for lunch but it could be a starter course too. It's a nice way to began a meal because it's light and the salty, sweet, sour, bitter flavors get your palate going.

If I was serving it for dinner I might follow with a main plate that also had a woodsy feel. Not necessarily heavy, but something that makes you feel like you just went foraging in the forest. Perhaps roasted coqulet or guinea fowl served on a bed of wild mushrooms (girolle are in season right now!).

Bises, Ms. Glaze


Ms. Glaze, love this site. Smoked duck breast is $19.20 for 3 oz. at Amazon.com. très cher Would this be recipe be worth trying with a more affordable smoked meat?


Smoked duck?? In the middle of Amish country, Ohio? bwahahahahha

I am with the person above me...is there a substitute?

Ms. Glaze

Oh la Vache!!!! $19.20 for 3oz???? That's like three small slices!!! I thought I had made this neat discovery, but it sounds like it's priced up there with caviar and truffles. It's no where near that expensive in France.

I'll have to think about a substitute for my bacon substitute because although I think smoked duck works in place of bacon, I don't think bacon aways works in place of smoked duck. I wouldn't sit down and eat a whole plate of bacon with radicchio. Okay, maybe I would, but I wouldn't advise it in any case.

You must move to France, it's the only answer. Either that or smoke your own duck breasts. Let me work on this and get back to you. Can you at least get duck in Amish country?

Bises, Ms. Glaze


Nope....no duck in Amish country unless you kill it yourself, but that would open a whole new can of worms.

Out here they have beef, chicken, pork, and very rarely, lamb.


CAT: Welcome to the kitty-cat snack shack. Fast food for famished felines. Now…let me see.. (Cat starts looking through a recipe book)…Casserole of Duck, Duck with
Cherries, Peking Duck, ah, here we are, Duck a l’Orange.

Ms. Glaze, how could you?!

Ms. Glaze

Listen here Lowbottom, Don't think I can't quote that show too! CAT: "You can play with your food, don't have to beat it....It's a crazy little game called lunch!..."

I can't believe you just graduated. You're so OLD now!!! Sniff, sniff...

Bises, Ms. Glaze


In the US, can order a whole smoked duck from WisconsinMade for $20, or smoked duck breasts from Zaban's for $8/breast. Not a lot of Americans eat duck, so it's pretty much a specialty item here.


Great idea. I love smoked duck, and since it's readily available in a local market, I never have to go without. I actually used it in a quesadilla once -- that was a good and quick dinner. I don't suppose you'd ever consider eating it for breakfast with some eggs? It seems like a wonderful substitute for bacon.


the pizza sounds delicious. Can you tell me the name and address of the resttuarant? It's hard to find good pizza in Paris.

Ms. Glaze

Richard! Unfortunately the pizza place was all the way in the Loire Valley by Chateau Brissac. It's the only pizza place in town, so you won't miss it if you're out that way. I still have yet to find good pizza in paris and would also be interested!!!


I live in Los Angeles during the year but in the Dordogne in France during the summer. Lots of smoked duck around here. In fact people are starting to complain about over-duck-ification. In LA I often consult with Barbara Tropp. Her Basics of Chinese Cooking cookbook is excellent and she gives a quite easy recipe for tea smoked duck or chicken. I've done it a couple of times and it's fabulous. Just use tons of foil to protect your pot. Of course, it's not the same as canard fume which is saltier, more like ham or bacon.


Hi, A bit late with the post, but I bought a lovely smoked duck breast at a farmers' market yesterday and want to do something special with it--£7.50 for one breast! I like the pizza idea, and want to modify it to use the delicious all-butter puff pastry you can get now--I'm thinking make a tart crust with it, then caramelised shallots and raisins, the duck breast, and watercress (added after it's cooked). Two questions: do you think it would cook too much if I put it on the tart crust for the full baking time of about half an hour? And would you add cheese--feta? Gruyere? What would go? Thanks--this is dinner tonight!

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