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June 03, 2007



Sounds perfect to me. I'm on a real radish kick lately!

Ms. Glaze

Me too! I don't know why. Sometimes I just get stuck on combinations. Last week it was Strawberries, crème fraîce, and brown sugar and this week it's cucumbers and radishes. I LOVE your blog by the way. Great recipes! I noticed you have a few of your own radish/cucumber recettes...http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com

Bisous, Ms. Glaze


Radishes and cukes are two of my favorite veggies. Sounds like a refreshing salad. [Although I, being vegan, would skip the fromage.]


i love a good cucumber salad, but, and i say this sheepishly while staring at my feet, radishes give me heartburn...


I have just spent the last 3 days reading your entire blog. My son 16, is going to be a chef. He wants to go to France, so I mainly was reading it to see what it was like.

He has been enjoying it too. Thank you so much for a look into your life.

I sure hope your work visa comes in soon.

Ms. Glaze

Chère Chocolatechic, I love your blog and your son obviously has the calling! French technique allows one to cook anything anywhere and if he can cut it under pressure in a French kitchen then he can make it anywhere in the world. I've cooked in London, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Paris – and I can tell you that Paris is the most physically and mentally intensive. French cooking is not easy, it takes time and patience and a higher calling. I wonder if he can do a summer training here at one of the schools or restaurants?

Let me know if I can help out in any way!?!? Bisous, Ms. Glaze


if there is one thing i like, it's rabbit food! seriously on warm spring evenings, i want nothing more than a salad like this. you read my mind dear...

San Francisco Photos

Wow! Restaurant Ecco. My partner mentions to me about Restaurant Ecco all the time when we drive through South Park. It's not even a restaurant anymore. Oh well. I never got to go there and I guess I wish I did!

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