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July 16, 2007


Nicholas Paldino

I've been to AT&T Park, and I have to say, it's a gorgeous park. Even though I was there for standing room only, I was over by McCovey cove, and had a wonderful time.

Yes, even though I am a Yankee fan (raised in the Bronx, and partial ticket plan holder myself), I had a wonderful time. =)

The food is amazing as well there, some of the best I have had in a stadium. Of the seven I have been to (Yankee, Shea, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Citizen Bank, Fenway, Safeco), AT&T had the best.

I was fortunate enough to see Bonds hit #749 in Fenway. While I don't like him and I don't want him to break the record, I have to admit, watching him hit one is an impressive sight.

It doesn't matter in the long run, because A-Rod will end up breaking Bond's record anyways. =)

Keep up the good work.

the pauper

since it's a food blog... in honor of barry bonds, you should do recipes where it involves cream and something clear.

Ms. Glaze

I know Barry is getting a bad wrap right now, but aside from his embarrassing strike-outs – which no doubt even he was in disbelief from – I still like him.

When I taught theater in San Mateo he would come and see the shows with his family. His kids didn't even go to our school and he would still turn out to support the community. You would think he would show up to one of our baseball games instead, but no, he came to the theater and greeted the community and students and seemed to enjoy doing it.

I do hope he breaks the record back in AT&T park so that I can see it, instead of in Detroit. Hank Aarons said he won't come to the games anyway because he doesn't want to see his record broken (boooo!!!).

Oh, and we'll see about A-Rod...


Hey, a fellow bleacher bum! Our seats are in section 143 and we're also a dangerous place for Dodger fans. I've got my obligatory, "Dodgers SUCK" t-shirt to wear, too. But boo... they're really putting the hurt on us and making it tough to be a Giants fan! Ah well... we're teaching our son to love the Giants anyway and perhaps by the time he's old enough to know better, the Giants will be worthy of his appreciation!

And, even though the wrong league won the All Star Game, wasn't that a great game to behold?

Now, as this is a food blog, we should be coming up with something foodie to say. Perhaps finding the right wine pairing to go with a cha-cha bowl? A nice pinot grigio?


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Sara Goldrath

Hey you're home...Call me!!

John Hollander

It looks like your having a good time back in the states away from those crazy French people!

I am still at Humboldt, and majoring in sociology. Out side of school ive been working as a volunteer fire fighter and working on getting certified as an EMT in CA. Unfortunately i havent gotten to work on any sets in college. My time seems to fly by with classes, fire stuff and all those other fun college extra curricular activity's :)

Enjoy your time at home!

Ms. Glaze

John – Firefighter and EMT huh? Congratulations! You sure didn't take the easy route did you? Now, being your old teacher, I hope that by extra curricular activities you mean studying. I would be devasted to think that my tech theater angels were participating in any illegal activities.

Sara – I'm home. Can't wait to see you! Goodbye high school, hello college. You'll have to get over that little vegan problem you have when you move to Philly. How else are you going to enjoy the regional cuisine? (Philly cheesesteak)

Ezra – feel free to advertise! Next time I'll charge you (lol)

Jessica – Yippeee! Another bleacher bum! Oh man, did you see that guy who was wearing giants colors but cheering for the Dodgers? I think he was in your section. I'm not sure if he left alive. And yes, it was a beautiful week for baseball.


i don't know about barry bonds. i'm not a fan. i'm an SF babe but i boo him whenever he gets on deck. when he was claiming he couldn't play right when the steroid scandal first hit, because he "was having knee surgery," my boyfriend and i saw him bold as brass strolling around pier 39 with his family. no limp, no favoring his knee, going up and down stairs, absolutely nothing wrong that we could see. that disgusted me to no end. he didn't even care enough to fake it. i'm an old fashioned girl and i believe in the days when baseball was supposed to mean something and good sportsmanship was supposed to rule. that steroid scandal puts a question to anything he does, in my book.


I do not condone drug use in professional sports, but lets be honest about the history of baseball. If you want to boo Barry then you better start with most of the other hall-of-famers who at one time or another have doped too. Many players, starting in the 1940's with greenies (speed) or even cocaine, including Willie Mays'and Mickey Mantle. Gotta luv the pulled pork sanwhiches...this is a food blog...


sure sounds like you're condoning drug use in professional sports. reread what you've written. so because other people dope up it makes your doping somehow not so bad--you are just following history? duh, lots of athletes cheat. but that makes them cheaters, not winners. this is more than just a food blog. ms glaze seems nice, easygoing and fun and offers posts on many topics. commenters often join in to offer their own perspectives, especially when they like the blogger. each of us is entitled to our own opinion. in my case, i happen to have personal knowledge of bonds that i wanted to offer up: my shock at seeing him in SF moving normally and doing strenuous stair climbing when he was supposed to be too hurt to play, just after the steroid scandal hit. discard it at will. read only food-related posts if you want. you are your own person and it's all good, but why make rules up for other posters as to the topics to which they should limit themselves? viva la difference. have a lovely day, mousie, and cher ms glaze!

as to the food at AT&T. what's your favorite place? i see mostly hot dog/sausage/fries places and WAY overpriced beer and coffee. it's a pretty park, tho, and that part of the city is starting to look pretty nice after years of blight.

Ms. glaze

My favorite of all places to eat in the park used to be down under Covey cove at the pulled pork sandwhich place. HOWEVER, the last time I got a sandwhich there I took a bite and a wad of long black hair (I mean a CLUMP) came with it. It was so disgusting I've never been able to go back.

Now I either opt for the polish dog or if I'm feeling fat I get a fresh crab salad. I think the best food is over in the bleachers. The best beer too.

They raised the prices for the beer during the AllStars games which I think was a rip off. But whatever, it's once in a lifetime right?


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