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July 20, 2007



I am shocked.

Parisians don't eat corn??? Shame on them!!!


You do see it occasionally, in a salade composée, but basically Ms. Glaze is quite right -- it's animal fodder.

BTW I'm a fava bean lover, with Tuscan soup recipes I'm not afraid of using. I eat the sometimes leathery outer shell an' all. Shame to waste it.

Cherlene Wright


Give me a call, let me know the best way to reach you while you guys are in town.



That sounds so so delicious. And if ever there was a reason to be glad I don't live in Paris, lack of fresh, sweet corn in the Summer is a good one! I'll be picking up the ingredients at the farmer's market this Tuesday for a bbq for an out of town guest on Wednesday night. Merci!


You're in San Francisco? Until WHEN?

Come to a farm with me!!!


It has absolutely no nutritional value, but I love corn!


Hey Ms. Glaze,

I finally put your photo together for a little piece on Postcards... Al La Carte Postales!

Here: http://lalandedigitalpress.blogspot.com/

Li Chai Yum!


Ms. glaze

Matthew!!! – that is soooooo cooool!!! Man you are talented. I hope everyone reading this post goes to your site. I especially like the one with food, it looks familiar (lol). http://lalandedigitalpress.blogspot.com

Tana – Really? You would take me on some of your farm shoots? I would absolutely love to do that. Yippeee!

Bob – It has fiber I think. And something else that fattens up pigs ;-) that's nutritional enough for me.


thank you! Now I begin to understand why Fred always turns his nose up at corn


Hi !

//.../... Most of the farmer's markets in Paris are not farmer's selling their fruits and vegetables, but resellers buying the produce from Rungis (the largest super market in the world) and selling it at a premium price. .../... //

This goes double for the allegedly "bio" foods being sold to (gullible) consumers at the Boulevard Raspail outdoor market(s) ... the Paris bobos will believe absolutely anything ... as will the writers of guidebooks and travel columns ...(sigh)


Ms. glaze

L'Amerloque – Yes! I couldn't agree more. It's really frustrating.

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

Yes, the apallingly unobservant and un-integrated Los Angeles Times correspondent Susan Spano was totally taken in by the Raspail "marché biologique". Paris and LA Times readers are both better without her.


It saddens me that the French have this horror of corn. Think of all the lovely sweet corn they miss!
While on a visit to in-laws a few years ago, they actually had some corn for sale in an Auchan supermarket. I bought some for a salad and was unpleasantly surprised by the corn which was starchy and tasteless. If THAT is what they think we eat, no wonder they think we're weird.

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