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August 11, 2007



did you see ratatouille yet? saw it last night and loved it.

paris is not at all hot and humid-- it's been a miserable summer! cold, cloudy, rainy. bleh. the sun is out today, though. maybe in honor of your return :)


Yay! It was good to see you, I hope you had a nice visit. Oh my I leave for college on Sunday! Im SO excited! I wish we couldve hung out more...
Love you!


OH I forgot: Andrew and I spent the whole day watching our old shows starting at HONK!
(Which was byfar my favorite)



Well, shit. If I'd known you were leaving so soon, I would have tried to get up there to see you.

Tough times here with all kinds of organizational minutiae that have me pinned like a butterfly to cork. But I really DID want to meet you.

Have I got a farm for you, dawl.

Safe travels, Ms. Beauty.


I thought of you when I saw
2 Days in Paris
Last night...
Many dead animals in the marche :)
Wonderfully funny film BTW!

Eddie Lin

You are such a mom! haha.

San Francisco or Paris? Life is so unfair for our charmed Ms. Glaze...

Have a safe trip!

Ms Glaze

Eddie – aaaaahhhh, don't say that word around me, I'm way too irresponsibe to be a Mom! A teacher, maybe, but not the M-word!!! Everybody in my family has been asking me that question and now YOU! I hate being mid-30's – so much pressure.

Paris Breakfasts – tell me you think of me at other times too? Not just when you see dead animals?!?!

Tana – I'm totally sad I missed you too. But there will plenty of opportunities I'm sure of it :-)

Sara – I am so bummed I missed you guys. Good luck in college! Now you can come to Paris and visit on spring break. I'll buy you your first glass of champagne (lol!) keep that voice in shape will ya? Don't give up Sara, you've got what it takes. Honk was my fav too. Man you guys are talented

Maitresse – are you back in NY or Paris? I saw Ratatouille here in Paris. It was a special screening with the Guy Savoy gang – lots of fun! Paris is raining and humid. Sux.


I will be in Paris the evening of the 26th to the morning of the 29th. Are you free to meet for a cafe at any point?

Maryam in Marrakesh

That sounds super delicious and such a simple recipe. We have wonderful tomatoes here in Marrakech.

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