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August 19, 2007


Mad William

I love these videos you've been doing, I like to pretend that I can make the recipes as easily as you do.

I live in a dream world.

Do you ever cook with snails. I'm a big fan of escargot.

It is not possible to get fresh snails where I live. How do you feel about canned? Any suggestions?



Looks delicious. Wish I could find a real chicken like that. The mass produced ones seem only one step above plastic.

Forgive me for being a stickler for details, but as a biologist I have to say that your cut to remove the breast begins along the sternum (breastbone), not along the backbone. Breasts tend to be found on the front of an animal, not the back. I'm speaking as a biologist here.


I very much enjoyed the video. It is a pleasure to watch you prepare food that is just plain good in quality.


Yay! Informative and practical -- it's never even occurred to me that I could cut up my own chicken... Now it's all I want to do. Thanks!

I'd love to see some other butchery :) How about the instructions for six portions?

Ms. Glaze

Mad William – I've only made snails once and they were from the can. However, I'm thinking this could be a topic for another video. I'll have to do a little R & D first...thanks!

Danielle – You're quite right. I started off as a Bio major in college and then switched to theater – now you know why! Thanks for the correction.

Lilalia – Merci Bien!

Ryan – Thanks! Normally for six portions I cut through the joint between the thigh and the drumstick. For eight I serve the chickens feet too! Either that or cut the breast in half or cut the wing off in one whole piece.

Kari Hoffman

Hi Ms. Glaze!!

I'm so embarrassed, I didn't think anyone actually read this! I'm blushing. Thank you so much for your comment. If I could thank anyone for helping me become the person I am today, it would be you...and Andy Sarouhan. You're an amazing teacher and of course mentor to so many people, and I'm so glad to say that you have impacted my life the way you have.

Love, Kari

P.S. My god mother loves your cooking videos!!!

Ms. Glaze

Of course I read your blog Kari! Every single swear word you write, I read :-) LOL!!! Seriously though, you're one of my favs and I want to make sure we're always in touch. Vader Lives!


This was very helpful indeed. I tried to butcher up a chicken once and had disastrous results. It probably didn't help that I chose a poule, back in the day when I thought poule and poulet were the same thing. Your videos are great. Do you edit yourself and what with?

Ms. Glaze

Joy Of Cooking – I mainly use iMovie HD because it's quick and easy. Sometimes I'll use Adobe's Premier – like in this last video because it started raining and I had to do a lot of color correction to make my terrace look sunny again. It has fancier split screen editing, multi-media, and color correction tools. But I find for most simple videos that have minimal sound tracks or color problems it's time consuming. I also like the fun stuff that comes with iMovie – all the post production framing designs for intros, chapters, etc. I'm a big Apple lover for their easy-to-use well designed applications. (macbook flippa)

La Loutre

je découvre tout juste ton blog, il est vraiment super. j'aime l'article sur les vaches car j'adore dire "oh la vache" comme j'aime bien dire "ah ben oui hen".
et tes videos sont vraiment fantastics. je te promet que je reviendrais souvent voir tes nouvelles aventures.
bon courage pour la suite .


I will never forget the taste of....sorry to notice that my feeling is not shared.Thinkin of you


La vache! :)


Love your blog! I did want to drop a link Matt over at MattBites wrote a pretty funny snail entry.


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