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August 26, 2007


Mad William

That looks so good.
I love fruit tarts.
We have blackberries all over our back yard. I can't wait to try this out.


Wow lovely picture. If the whole chef thing doesnt work out in the long run you can alway go into photography!


And for a gorgeous glaze, you can melt a bit of peach/apricot/apple jelly, then brush it over the top. Want to be totally decadent? Use the glaze followed by a sprinkle of coarse sugar...


How can you be such a great cook and stay skinny like that? they look so "droolingly" goooooood!


I undertand why you are obssed with orange and purple - because they are beautiful and delicious. Your tart looks excellent.


Hi! I came accross your blog by pure luck, I really like the look of your tarte à la mûre et aux nectarines! I am organising this month's muffin monday, on the theme of exotic muffins, and would LOVE it if you made some muffins as pretty as this "tarte" for it. Here is the link, hope you will participate!
Greetings :-)

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