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September 21, 2007



This sounds super.


just wanted to let you know we just heard tonight thru barry bonds' website that he will not be returning to the giants next year (2008). they have decided not to renew his contract.
the giants were contacted by a local tv station and confirmed the news.
i know you like bonds so i thought you'd be interested. i don't like him but i'm sad for the fans who do.
no need to post this. i just forgot your email address.

Ms. Glaze

Oh man, that's bad news. You know I'm a die-hard Giants fan and also feel a personal connection with Bonds because he used to come support the High School shows I directed. He really reached out to the community. I was praying he would rise above the claims. What is it about our society that makes heros feel that they aren't good enough to begin with? We love them when they're going up but not when they're falling down.

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