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September 24, 2007


Bill Burge

You've teased me. I thought I'd be able to manually input times and distances, but you have to have the pod. boo. I don't run with music.

Ms. Glaze

Yes, unfortuantely this is one of those thingies that requires an ipod and Nike tennis shoes. I know that leaves some people out of the game. But as far as technology goes, I think it's great to for encouraging people around the world to stay healthy and have some fun while their at it. Sometimes I program my ipod and shove the earplugs in my shoulder strap so I don't have to listen to music.

Bill, keep track over the next month and we'll see how you score! How do you know how far you're running? Do you have another device-thingy?

Ms. Glaze

P.S. For those confused, this challenge requires that you have an ipod and you buy that little Nike+ tracker to place in your Nike tennis shoes so it can track your progress on the Nike website. It will automatically upload your data to my challenge if you register. If you don't have an ipod or Nike shoes, keep track anyway and post your mileage on this site. No cheating though!!!

Bill Burge

I wear a Garmin GPS (Forerunner 205) while I run, and I track it all in a spreadsheet.


Bravo Ms. Glaze! A little challenge keeps up the motivation :)

Are you doing the 20km de Paris or the Paris-Versailles?

Ms. Glaze

Bill – Cool! Send me your stats on Oct.22 and we'll see!!

Ryan – Well, I was actually training for the Paris-Versailles race and practicing hills (because you know it's up hill the whole way from what I've heard). I even got my health cert from the doctor, but I've been offered a cooking gig in Lyon the end of the month that I can't refuse the work. However, I think I'm going to go for the 1/2 marathon in Oct. through Nike+. You pay the entrance fee and can run anywhere in the world and log in your stats. Tiffany's sends you a little bracelet, which is of course my motivation. I think it's just for women but I'm not sure.


um... I'm planning on doing some pilates this afternoon, does that count?


Booooo... i just joined today so I have A LOT of catching up to do. Where is everyone running? Any good trails/routes to check out in Paris? I do Tuleries if anyone wants to join..

Ms. Glaze

Double Booo Laura! It's raining in Paris and I'm waaaay behind too!! I always run in the Bois de Boulogne because there's more air to breath and lots of forest. I'm traveling a little right now, but I'll be back for the last week in Paris if you wanna run...


oh that sounds great! i am off to italy tomorrow for 5 days and i suspect pasta/truffles/wine will win over jogging. but after that i will need some serious calorie killing.

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