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September 17, 2007



Goodness what a wonderful family story. I sure do hope your head feels better soon and that your carte de sejour troubles get cleared up. J'aime bien vos contes de votre vie!


So sorry to hear about the bump on your head. Hope you are feeling better. Though, the story that came out of that episode was epic. I particularly liked the "I thought ketchup was salad dressing for a very long time". For, that would describe a few of my family relatives viewpoint.

It is funny about those poor husbands, poor fathers of past. My Irish grandfather became engaged to my grandmother when she was seventeen and he was thirty. Then he went off on ballroom dancing tournaments for the next twelve years. He had a long series of "dancing partners", while his virgin fiancée stayed at home working on her hope chest.

Get well soon. I also hope your work visa comes through. We need you back in the Guy's kitchen...


My grandmother and great-uncle settled in the Saskatchewan prairies in the early 1900's. I was quite young when she died but I have many fond memories of her in the kitchen... I never did get her recipe for head cheese... but it was true to her frugal Ukrainian roots: everything had a use.

I was reading your blog while eating Escabeche (great recipe!)... sorry to hear about your head. Get well soon!


your poor concussion aside, i really enjoyed this entry.


Ms G

Wonderful stories - maybe you should hit yourself on the head more often ;)

I feel rather envious. My family are Scottish, Scottish, Scottish and Scottish and i would have loved just a touch of something more exotic.


What a captivating family history. Thank you so much for sharing.

Ms. Glaze

I love to hear about people's history of immigration and what foods or memories were passed on down the line. To me that is what defines American cuisine.


You have an amazing family history! I've never gone back and tracked it all, but maybe I should one of these days... I should try to dig up some family memories to blog about myself, too. It might help with inspiration, who knows?

In any case, you told this beautifully. I hope your head feels better soon! Take good care.


If James Sr. was Honey Glaze, maybe it's time we give you a nick name. Given you are a bit of a head case with your concussion, maybe it should be Heady Glaze? :)

Ms. Glaze

Yes, for years I wanted to change my name to Honey because of my great grandfather, but my mother simply wasn't having it. For obvious reasons. Given that I'm a little headstrong, I'm sure Heady is much more suitable. I like it.

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