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September 02, 2007



tempura batter so good, i wish i could only deep fry my own fingers and walk around all day eating tempura! green beans of course is a much better alternative especially with amazing dipping sauce!


Love tempura, but I'm gluten-intolerant, so I use rice flour instead. Works just as well, especially if you use club soda instead of water (learned that from Yan Can Cook!). Just in case any of your other gluten-avoiding readers think tempura is not for them...

Thanks for the post - I've got some lovely green beans in the fridge - think I know what I'll be having for dinner!


This post makes my mouth water. And I want a deep-fryer, too.

Ms. Glaze

Hubby – I'll be happy to deep fry your fingers...

SAS – As always, great suggestions! Also, it's possible to skip the different flours altogether and just use cornstarch or potato starch although the flavor isn't as good. Funny, I saw Yan Can Cook taped live in SF when I was 10 years old with my Girl Scout troop. It was one of the most entertaining shows I've ever been to and he let us come up on the set to sample the food. What a neat man and incredible cook. Truly a pioneer in bringing Asian cuisine to the home kitchen. Talk about knife skills!!!

Alison – Deep fryers are so much fun and guests are always impressed with easy starters like calamari or popcorn shrimp. And then there's so many great desserts too: beignets, fried bananas, doghnuts. Sometimes I plug mine in on the terrace and do bbq'd steaks with frites. Fun! Wish they weren't so big in the United States. I noticed recently that Williams Sonoma has some cool deep fryers, but they're expensive.


Looks delicious! Do you ever visit the little street of Japanese restaurants and noodle houses in Paris?

Eddie Lin

Perfect! I was looking for a nice cod recipe. I knew I could count on you, you sassy Parisian thang! Great videos. I always learn something when I watch them like Sesame Street.

p.s. I found this video by googling for my favorite porn called "Hot Young Cod Piece" and your video came up. jk.

Ms. Glaze

Eddie – you're hilarious! I'm changing my profession to porn star. I think my names works better for it. And since my posts seem to come up alonside it anyway it will be an easy switch... bises, Ms.Glaze

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I love the Green Bean Tempura's delicious, if they haven't proven they're missing the most delicious in the world hahaha!

Carla Spacher

Hubby, for the thick batter I use the same batter I use for gluten free onion rings. I use rice flour, too, but with raw almond milk instead of water or soda.

Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!! You have inspired me!

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