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October 30, 2007



Now you tell me this vital tidbit of information when I'm about to go home tomorrow!
Too funny Amy
Ah bu oui, uh?

amy, la petite americaine

It's funny, I've never seen the phrase written out quite like that. I believe the French usually write, "Eh ben oui, hein?"

But I'm pretty sure it means the same thing. ;)

Ms. Glaze

Yes! That's exactly the way the French write it, but I just don't think in sounds that way do you? I don't get that silent 'n' thingy on the end of 'ben' and 'hein'.

Kim Petyt

Too funny!! And I've never seen it explained so well! Thank you!


This is a PERFECT explanation. THANK YOU for putting this into words so well....I should share this with my friends back home!


You mean life in Paris isn't all croissants and vin de table?

Now you tell me...


alhor! What a drag, I lost my French passport like almost 17 years ago while moving, imagine the idiots at the consulate telling me I should go to the police and get a report, ah bien oui!(Tough shit!)So I haven't tried yet for a second chance at getting a new one, with the dollar in the toilet who knows when I will be back in cher France?


Alain Q.

Why the new photos ?new standards of photos have been set because photos are now numerized into your new I.D, passport etc...thanks to the US requirement accepting digital passports only for travelers.
Now you know who's to blame...



Ms.Glaze, I'm starting classes at Le Cordon Blue November 19. What should I expect? Thanks Fernando.

Sara Goldrath

So this is what you've been up to...its been too long! I miss you! Good luck with everything. I will email you my horror stories of Philadelphia soon...


This is so true! We (in the bay area) just lived through an earthquake (everything's okay, it was a 5.6) but I swear if I had been talking to Fab about the earthquake in french his response would have been: ah buh oui uh?

Anyway, congrats on finding your apartment and your carte de sejour


Did you ever bring me back to my time in France. Exasperating to the point of distraction when dealing with anyone of authority. Exhilarating. Just plain fun, the rest of the time.

May your new apartment be an oasis of good smells and flavours...


do you think if we as americans instituted a rapid sounding "whaz da fux?" it would have the same effect on them?

Ken Romero

Thanks for making my day!! After attending a funeral of a friend and coming down with a cold you made me realize things could be worse!


The things we must do to survive in this city are insane! Paris is not all coming up roses as I myself have experienced. I've just about had it and am ready to move back to Toronto! I can relate to your struggles with the whole carte de sejour mess as I've just had to apply for mine...! Why do the french need to put us through this? I'm convinced they are out to get us 'Etrangers'....
Congrats on the apt! ;-)


Ms Glaze,
I start class at LCB soon and my husband is going to be with me in Paris during the whole 9 months. Do you have any suggestion regarding sport club, expats meeting / activities, ect... so my husband can keep himself busy while I am at school? He likes to pay tennis and bycicling. Thanks,

Paris on my mind...

Dear Prof. Glaze,

I'm thinking of coming to LBC possibly...
Should I or shouldn't I?
Will Paris be a nasty unexpected surprise?
Will I have to work very hard at LBC ?
Will I have to get my hands dirty?
Must I mess with the animals?
Oh heck!
All I want to do is eat macarons.

Ms. Glaze

Thanks for all the comments everyone! It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who has had frustrating experiences. I'm considering starting a new blog just based on the MERDE one must walk through in this gloriously romantic city to achieve even the most mundane tasks. In fact, I think a blog just on apartment rental experiences would keep me going for about a year!

Fernando – email me and we can talk about LCB or check out Asima's blog (above) for a behind the scenes look. You can also read my old posts too. It really depends on what you intend to do with your degree and, if after reading this post, you're just dying to come to Paris. LOL!

Btw, FRANCE TELECOM STILL HAS NOT HOOKED UP MY INTERNET AFTER TWO WEEKS so I'm slightly out of the loop right now. I'm writing this response from a park in Paris stealing internet shhhhh...don't tell anyone

King Negrito

well, now that you have passed the big tests, let's try to see if you can make the hardest one: find a decent Crème Brulée :=)


Congratulations Ms. Glaze on your new CDS..."bah oui" is a French expression that makes me crazy..

Although, when a certain acquaintance uses said expression, I find it utterly charming.

At least, I've chosen to do so. :ol


Heh -- I just started the process of naturalization... You need to compile a Book-of-Self for yourself, your parents, your children, spouse(s) and have it sanctified by an accredited translator and your embassy!

There's some good news, however, for the residence card. From now on, you can request (by email!) to have it renewed by mail (see the prefecture website). Only one trip to pick it up!

Cassoulet Cafe

Great way to explain it! We came back from France doing that as well, plus saying "ah bon?" constantly and making farting noises with our mouths to answer questions. Drove everyone here nuts until we de-Frenchified.

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

> find a decent Crème Brulée :=)

Try L'Amanguier, two locations in the XVme


I am in love with MSG

Jeanette , Mistress of Longears

Should you ever decide you need a career change, you must consider yoga instruction! Your detailed pronunciation guide with coordinated gesture instruction is exactly like my yoga class! But much, much funnier!
So happy to have made your acquaintance! I must give Carol (Paris Breakfast) a proper thank you (besides the one I gave her for your U-Tube film on How to Skin a Rabbit!).

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