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October 18, 2007



I may have to make this. Looks like a good weekend dessert. As far as walnuts are concerned I have noticed a walnut tree along the GW parkway that looks to have dropped quite a few and you are right I should go pick them up!!!


Mmm, that sounds delicious. I'm going to a wine party tomorrow, but I may bring this instead of wine. I bet no one will complain!


Carmelized walnuts plus apples plus raisons plus spices = utter Fall deliciousness. Since my neighbor has no walnut tree I'll vicariously taste this and save a few calories!


What is a dagwood sandwich????


Looks amazing! Do you know how I would go about making a Nutella tart?


Are you back at work yet?
today's sfgate (aug 22) has a story on michelin stars awarded in the bay area and wine country if you want to check it out. i can't believe One Market got a star. it's okay, but that's odd. of course french laundry are their favorite.

Ms. Glaze

Anonymous – You've never heard of a Dagwood sandwich!?!?! They're the best – you open up the refrigerator and pile anything that's edible between two pieces of bread. Lather on the condiments and voila! It's a great way to clean out the fridge.

Editor – I start officially working back in the kitchen the end of November. It's been a long waiting game. I'm still doing work for them now, but more PR and translation stuff. I can't work in the kitchen without the insurance. Thanks for the heads up on the Michelin review. Last time they swept through the Bay Area they did a horrible job and rated some restaurants with stars that I think are terrible. Chez Panisse got nothing last go around, hopefully that was rectified? One Market is good but I haven't been there for a long time. What about Jardinere or Boulevard?

Gillian – Hi! You in Paris yet? For a Nutella tart with nuts or just by itself!?!? Give me some more info and I'll make something up for ya


Hey Ms. Glaze!
Hope you're doing well. I'm sure you can't wait to be back in the kitchen!
I'm enjoying my first 2 months at LCB....and learning so much. Thanks for the inspiration! Would love the chance to meet you someday!



Hey Amy,

Either with hazelnuts or no nuts...or maybe a hazelnut crust? Is this possible?

I was only in Paris for a couple of days in August! Tried to get in touch with you but never heard back! Was a quick and tasty trip.

Also, you would be proud, I got my first official chef knife for my birthday last week!



My parents' have a walnut tree at their house. The squirrels like throwing green nuts at us when they're upset. I should harvest all the nuts to make this tart. That'll teach them.

Rick Karp

Hi Amy!
Your name popped up in my Outlook file -- Happy Birthday!
I thought for the fun of it I'd click on your blog to see if it was still active: wow! And how nice to see you again too. :)
All the best to you and Eric.

Ms. Glaze

Rick! – Man, I miss you guys. And I miss doing musicals too. Those were so good times... Gros Bisoud to you and the whole family

Chubbypanda – I could show you how to skin a squirrel if you want. That would really teach 'em. (sorry, that was not politically correct was it?)

Gillian – You go girl! What kind of knife is it and are you still cutting towards you? I gotta break you of that habit. (LOL). So what I would do with the hazelnuts is toast them and then chop them. Prebake the tart crust and make sure you use baking beans or the crust will shrink bigtime. When it is cool, spread the nutella over and then do a layer of nuts. IT's going to be super duper sweet (like you!). You could also do an almond cream filling mixed with hazelnuts that is baked and then smear over a layer of nutella. (like the one we made at my house). Let me know if you need the recipe for almond cream... bises

Ms. Glaze

Asima – I can't wait to hear about all your stories and how you like it. Keep me posted and once again, congratulations!


The knife is a Zwilling J.A. Henckels 10" Chef's knife...and I still need a lot of work on the chopping skills. But atleast now I can practice at home!

The recipe sounds perfect, I will give it a go! Do you think it would taste like a giant peanut butter cup if I did a layer of peanut butter as well? I think I'm getting carried away...

Ms. Glaze

Gillian – You've got a sweet tooth!!! Go nuts!!!


I am in love with MSG

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