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November 21, 2007


Cassoulet Cafe

Great post! So sorry to hear about the bad snails and wine left on the train. I left a camera and my eye glasses on the train and they found and saved them for me, so I got them back. I doubt they'd admit to finding the wine though.


WOW WOW WOW Amy, you really know your wine! I don't know a thing, really honestly a thing, I just know what I like, and I've always been partial to Gevrey Chambertin... I know you've got to taste a wine to be sure, but I don't have the means to buy those kinds of valuable bottles anyway... I have had a few memorable experiences with wine over the years, but today I just settle for a nice glass from time to time. In any case, that sounds like one heck of a weekend! Only downsides were the grèves (bien sûr) and those bottles left on the train -- YIKES!


Ah man, you left wine on the train. Imagine being the one to fine it. That part is fun to think about.
The whole festival sounds like a blast!!


MSG! pas de réponse!!!La vache!
whats wrong honey, we abondon all our 'fidèle" passionate readers?


Sound's great! I'm headed to France next month and am looking forward to a big plate of oysters. Is there a classic wine pairing for oysters?


The classic pairings for oysters would either be a Chablis (a steely, crisp Chardonnay) or a Sancerre (crisp, minerally Sauvignon Blanc).

Great write-up of the trip Amy! I'm going to send a link to your article out as my "trip report". :)

- Brian

Ms. Glaze

Cassolet Cafe – unfortunately, we ran back to the train to find the bag that we had the wine in empty and the newspapers that we wrapped them in on the floor. Normally the French are so good about things like that, but I guess not when it comes to wine. Too bad because the wine was for Thanksgiving! Boo hoo!!!

Alice – Yes, I'm a wino! It took me a long time and a lot of tasting to get a grip on French wine. I'm especially interested in Female wine makers in France.

Madre Terre – I hope however found those bottles appreciates them!!!

GB – I like the nickname. I've never been called MSG before. But I suppose anything that enhances flavor can't be all that bad!

Dan – Although I'm sure you can get oysters there, I just want to forewarn you that the festival is over. It's only for the weekend!!! Beaune is still beautiful and a lot of fun. Check out bistro: Gourmandin for oysters.

Brian – Thanks for the wine pairing tip!!! (Brian's a sommelier folks, with incredible taste!)and I hope you're feeling better!?!?


Wine with oysters: I'd add picpoul de pinet, a wine from a very restricted area south of Béziers.

It can be bought in Paris, and I occasionally even find it here in California.


Thanks to all for the tips re oysters! Will try them all when I get to Paris -


You can find good wines at reasoanble price in "NICOLAS" shops: just tell the guy what is your dish, the kind of wine you like, and the budget, he will give you good advise.

With oysters, if you can't afford a Sancerre, try the "Riesling" (from Alsace area): it really fits!

Among cheapest popular wine with oysters, you also have the "Muscadet".


Ms. Glaze, you have been awarded the "Community Blogger Award." Congratulations!

Ms. Glaze

San – Whew-hoo!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Oxymoron – I have to agree with you on the Muscadet That's often my pairing of choice with oysters.

Stu – never heard of that wine, i'll have to check it out.

Brian – what was that wine we had with the oysters? That was a perfect pairing.

Colon Cleansing

What an excellent wine tasting post. So enjoyed your writing and the pictures as well....Di

Ms. Glaze

Di – Just clicked over to your website. Very interesting! I'm not sure I want my colon cleansed anytime soon, but that seems to be the en vouge treatement these days.


I loved Beaune and the surrounding area in November a few years back, we had a huge suite at Hotel Cep.


MSG , gb is not bad at all, justin love!


I LOVE Beaune!
I've been lots of times but never at the RIGHT time for the Oct do thingie :(
Lucky you!

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Some great info there, and some superb pictures. The wine tour sounds like a dead cert :)

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