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November 09, 2007


Buckley Steele

I thourghly enjoyed your story,and laughed and laughed.Your personality is vibrant and re freshing and your U-tube videos equally entertaining,but getting back to the original blog,as I reminisce it was always "thank you Chef" when I was in that same situation !


thought you might like to know of a French author who worte a hole book on French expressions and a lot of investigation on "con" for instance... It comes from an old word for rabbit -connil- so it was first used to describe male organs... It is a very old word used in Roman de Renard. Of course, the French film "Le con d'Irène" is about Irene's c... a female organ, now world famous (+ a word that nobody has dared mention at all in the posts. Probably one of the rudest words available but they all wear out with time, don't they ?)
I particularly appreciated the remark on "gueuler comme une veau" because veal is a French word that describes like most French words used in English cooking the dead animal vs the live one that is the calf -veau=veal-, the cow or bull -boeuf = beef, female is "vache"-
I'd be very upset to find a veal screaming at the top of its voice in my kitchen !


If you like displaying this kind of knowledge at diner parties then check out this book if still available : Claude Duneton, La puce à l'oreille (meaning "I have a doubt" from a complicated analogy, a flea itching my sex becomes a flea close to my ear...)
ça veut bien dire ce que ça veut dire !

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I'm so glad I remembered you posted instructions on the monthly onesies! Especially since you can't find the Old Navy ones anymore. These are MUCH better anyway! My little guy is going to be 2 mos on the 23rd, but I think I'll fudge and do a late 1 month shot so I have the whole "collection." TFS!!!

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Account Deleted

really loved your post. Btw, you can also post this under how to talk like a french student.

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