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November 16, 2007



Today's lesson made me laugh out loud. I particularly like Billy's essay.

I definitely can - and have - eaten entire loaves of French bread in one sitting. Pain de mie isn't my favorite, but now I really want one of those giant brioches from Brioche d'Or, slathered in butter and griotte jam.

Cassoulet Cafe

Cute post and now I need to re-taste pain de mie when I go back to Frace. I was always so in love with the crusty baguettes and such that we never bought pain de mie unless we were craving an american style sandwich.
By the way, I watched some of your cooking videos and I'm really impressed. You seem like the perfect celebrity chef personality. What I mean is, there are so many annoying ones out there, you would be a refreshing change! (Hope that came out like I meant it: a compliment!)
Bonne journee!


That essay is hilarious


What I can't figure out is whether the wonderful substance on top of the bread is "fromage et confiture" or melted mozzarella and sauté onions.


I miss eating a baguette a day in France. With butter and honey. Canadian bread makes me sad.

Ms. Glaze

I know this is a silly post, but I honestly ate a whole loaf on my own the other day!!! I just couldn't stop. And then I ate a whole baguette yesterday. It must be the cold weather because all I crave are carbs.

Thanks Casoulet Cafe! That would be a dream job.


Hmm. For years my husband has been telling our son the story of "The Planet Where Everything Was Soft Like A Bed."

Perhaps that little bedtime story should been Soft Like Bread.

foodie froggy

A "pain de mie" mattress and pillows !! How great that would be !!


Billy wounds just like me!!!! A fellow carb addict :D


Sniff...No more pain pour moi, pour toujours. Je peux le goûter dans ma mémoire, cependant. But posts like these remind me that I will never scarf down an entire loaf of bread, or even a slice, again. Okay, I'm going to go have a moment now...


I know the feeling, just baked like mad over the weekend, a baguette paysanne, an oat bread and an incredible levain loaf. In the morning with jam and butter, in the afternoon gravlax and at nite a mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto paninni!
Check it msglaze!


I've been baking a basic egg bread for my pain perdu fascination. Now I'm eyeing that pain de mie pan in the King Arthur catalog. Someone help me. $40 for a single use item. I need help, give me other uses for this pan, or other places to buy this pan, without the guilt.


Joanne, why not use American loaf pans? You would have to use 2 at least, but they would be almost the same shape, and you probably have them.

San Franisco Photos

Was just in Paris less than a month ago and I couldn't stop eating all of the breads, pastries in the bakeries. Felt like I was having two, three breakfasts everyday. Eeek, it was soooo good and I can't wait to go back! Love that city as much as I love San Francisco!


Joanne - I am here to save you from your Retail Dilemma... you NEED that pan to make Pan de Mie AS WELL AS this: http://easteuropeanfood.about.com/od/breads/r/blackbread.htm?p=1
Here's hoping you have found justification for said purchase in the ensuing 2 years or this puts you over the impulse edge.
Ms. Glaze - You make me chuckle sooo much!

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