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November 08, 2007



I love pho. I went through a phase where I wanted to eat pho 3-4 times a week and would drag my girlfriend, promising her it was the last time this week. My better half declared me a "pho ho."


I adore Pho. I'm a pho ho too. Living in the East Bay it's easy to find a decent Pho place in Oakland, SF, Fremont, and of course the South Bay. Many nights we'd come home and think, forget cooking, let's get Pho. There was a decent little restaurant near my house. We'd call up place our orders change into something comfy, and pick it. Ready in 10-15 min. Now, living outside of Atlanta, I have to drive at least 30 min to get a meh bowl, unless we drive into Atlanta, then get a fantastic bowl. I've learned how to make my own Pho soup, and I freeze the soup in quarts. I do like the thin rice noodles over the thick ones.


I'm very sorry but I just can't promise I won't go! :-)) I'll be off to paris at the end of this month and, really, I am terrebly craving for a good pho. So one of the things I had recently on my mind was to try to find out where to get the best parisian pho (I know several places but I'm not an expert and I'll have only few days and a lot of restaurants to visit, but I sur want a good fix of pho! :-) Thanks for the adress!! :-)

Ms. Glaze

Pho ho! I love that! Yes, I'm officially a pho ho


I thought you weren't gonna tell!
Here's a secret so you don't have to wait long.
Just say I'll have what I had last time...the Pho thing with whatever.
That way you can jump the cue.


Mmm. I wish I'd known about this place when I was studying in Paris... there were definitely days during February when pho would really have hit the spot.

Should you ever need a pho fix in Hong Kong, there's a restaurant in the Central district called Nha Trang. (They also have delicious rice paper rolls.)

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

Who knew? Me, for one. There's a funky Vietnamese alimentation at the bottom of some steps leading down from Place Maubert, almost opposite the Café du Métro, where I buy the Antillais spice mixture known as colombo. Throw some in with chicken or pork, stir up a pitcher of ponch planteur, and you've got yourself an exotic Caribbean experience.

Kari Hoffman

If you plan to take a trip to Seattle any time, you'll be glad to know that there are probably 10 different pho places on Broadway. There are so many pho addicts up here! ...Although I'd make you try Rom Mai Thai first!

Tonya R

oooh, thanks for the recomendation. yummy. I'd be interested in knowing if the other restaurants in the area serve excellent pho as well - maybe have to try it if the wait is too long sometime. thanks!

Bob Spencer

Don't be surprised if I'm already there when you arrive!

Cassoulet Cafe

I'm not exactly ignorant when it comes to food, but I'm just recently discovering Vietnamese food (we live in a small town).

So "Pho" is what I just had at a Vietnamese family's house a few weeks ago! We have some Vietnamese friends in our neighborhood and they invited us for a traditional Vietnamese meal. The soup you described is exactly what she made, and she is fabulous in the kitchen. It was so fresh, so flavorful....I was addicted!


And for the "pho virgins," it's actually pronounced "fuh." So "pho ho" actually isn't as cute as it should be, but if you put it on a t-shirt, you could probably make a quick million...

Ms. Glaze

So I'm a virgin again? Sweet. Tell that to my husband.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Thanks for reminding of this really pho-abulous dish. We are lucky to "Little Saigon" not too far from here, just south of Los Angeles. You've inspired me to make a little trip. Thanks!


I am in love with MSG


This looks delicious and I love the idea of everything being cut/sliced to order. I WILL be going to Pho for some of this yummy broth!

It's hard for me to find Chinese food here, btw. Everything is already cooked and sitting in grease/oil for a full-day behind a great big glass shield and not at all fresh. Any amazing Chinese food you can recommend? I really need my fix...so far, Germany has the best Chinese food in Europe. And flights there can add up. :ol

Btw, when are you changing that Frenchification link? The Frenchification is no more...we've moved on to greener, more expensive pastueres! (Typepad). :0)

Ms. Glaze

Sorry Eclat! I'll fix that link! And sorry I dont' have any good chinese food recs. Being from SF we have some excellent sit down restaurants – not the normal traiture ones. My experiences here have been mixed.

By the way, anther FABULOUS DISH AT PHO 67 is the goat salad. Oh my God – it's delicious. I was a little skeptical at first but it's worth the adventure. Also the crevette (shrimp) soup with tamarin is divine. I'm trying to branch out from my usual temptations.


Thank you for that great recommendation ! I couldn't resist longer than 3 days after reading your post, and simply had to try it tonight. I would like to add that besides outstanding food it is also a good place to meet lovely people ;)

Ms. Glaze

Ulla! You are fabulous and I am so SO so happy that we got the opportunity to meet at the restaurant. See, I told you that if you wanted to go we would HAVE TO GO TOGETHER! Good luck with your upcoming stage and I can't wait to follow your posts and see how it goes for you.

If you don't know Ulla's blog then you must check it out at http://moveablefeast.typepad.com/

Gros Bisous and hope to see you soon for some more pho or goat salad ;-)


Glad to have found your blog - such great videos too.

I've been a Phở addict since birth!

izzy's mama

I only wish I could have blogged when I lived in Paris many moons ago. What great memoirs I would have had. Great blog and next time in Paris I may just have to sneak into that pho place. My husband is definitely a pho ho!

Marie Restaurant Paris

2 years later... And it's still a very good place for a Pho ! Enjoy !!

cialis online

What an incredible dish ! French chef always impress me with their strange foods, a must is you travel to Paris!


I would never recommend this restaurant to a friend. Terrible place. Paying a lot of money for just mainly a starchy part. NEVER AGAIN!

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