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November 13, 2007


Miss Moose

You're making me cry. I once tasted these years and years ago (a friend sent them from Switzerland) and have longed for them ever since.

Please contact me so you can send some my way. Stale from shipping is better than nothing.

Your friend,
Miss Moose


ha-ha! Love this!!! I was in PH the other day and tried the yummy new collection. YUM! YUM! YUM! PH is the MACARON MAN!

madre terra

OK Miss Glaze I made the mistake of doing the math. I'm the one who reads your blog to my 12 yr. old daughter. And we are coming to Paris for a week in January. Anyway, I think that macarons sound delightful so I click on the link. HHmmm, 24 euros and I converted it to USD (which is $35) and that means that a single one is $3.
That good, huh?
We will have to go and try them, of course.

Dave Wendel

What are you trying to do to me!!! With the Euro to dollar out of control I can't be buying such wonderful looking goodies!!! However I may be able to justify it as a Christmas present, hmmmm.



Menage a trois PULEEEZE !!!
You'll have to share, SORRY.
You can't have him to yourself!
What were you thinking?
Cost is no object when it comes to PH macarons!!!
The price is, if anything TOO minute for the experience that awaits...
The experience of heaven..?
There is no price..don't talk money to me in the same sentence..you haven't lived till...


so that's what it takes to win the hearts of women - make macaroons lik pierre herme. i even hear ppl in the states croon for those. jeebus, they must be outta this world.


I think there's a long line of admirers at PH's door...:) I made a beeline for his shop the moment I landed in Paris! Btw, the one French pastry chef I took a class at CCA was very adamant about macarons too - "It's NOT a COOKIE!"


Amy, I am disappointed, after last week's encounter I thought we might get along well, but reading this, it is not possible any more..... You know I had and always will have my special moments with him too. And it might be even more often than you do !!!. This post won't change anything. You didn't ever assume you have him exclusively, did you ?????

Sara - Piperita

Oh, we all share the undeniable love for him and his macarons!!!

Ms. Glaze

What?!?!?! You know you know my Pierre too!?!?!? Ce n'est pas possible! Quel Horreur!!! I'm going to throw myself into the Seine this instant. Or maybe just eat a few more macarons from yesterday's rendezvous... Gros Bisous Dahlings, Ms. Glaze

Ms. Glaze

Danny – Oui, voilà. Faites un biscuit comme cela et toutes les femmes viennent courant.

Madre terre – Don't worry, the dollar will be much stronger by then. Promise.

Asima – Congrats on the daquoise (lucky!)

Miss Moose – email me your address and I'll see what I can do.

Paris Breakfasts – Of course I'll share with you. Don't be silly. You know you are the goddess of macarons, I'm just a mere mortal

Sara – Yes, YEs, YES!!!

Ulla – those are fighting words, but I might be convinced to share. But more than me!?!?!? This is too much. I"m crushed.

Anita – I only see Pierre when I go, I do not see all the rest in line. To me they are not important, it's only Pierre that matters now. But I am sure am happy some one else understands the significance behind macarons ;-)

Dave – I think your belle femme will adore these and you for buying them ;-) Make sure to buy some of the truffe blanche and the passion fruit macarons. The foie gras is coming out in December


I tried to enter my email address for your updates, both in IExplorer and FireFox, but was rejected as having something wrong with your site.

Great info!

Ann (Mobay DP)

O.k. so I here I was mistakenly thinking Carol (Paris Breakfasts) was the biggest macaron lover in the world.

I was sooooo wrong! lol :)

Imagine if you can that I have never in my entire 30 years of existence even so much as met a macaron! :-O

I know...I know...the horror.


A good Macaron is a gift from heaven. Here in HK you can pay 18 local dollars for decent, but not earth-shattering, Macarons (about U$2.30). I'd happily pay double that for a really fresh and well crafted one.

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