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November 30, 2007



oh, Vatel, I watched the move with Gerard Depardieu so many times... the man is the pure inspiration!
Thanks for great advices


What is the name of that movie?


Mmmmm. One of my very favorite dishes. When I was a waitress in a fancy French restaurant, we would filet it at the table for the guests.


I have made Sole Meuniere a few times when we stay in a Paris appartment. I make the whole sole and have removed the skin myself. One time, though, I bought a whole sole and the fishmonger removed the skin using some kind of a machine. I was very surprised and greatful, since it is a difficult thing to do yourself. When I do it myself, I place the tail for a second in boiling water and then start moving the skin with my knife, then I use a towel to grab the loose pieace of skin and pull it off the body. I am sure that with all the great experience you have you know that technique, or perhaps you do something different. Anyway, sole on the bone is my husbands very favorite food in France and he eats it whenever he finds it on the menu. We both like to filet the whole sole ourselves and my husband memorized "Je voudrais enlever les arrets moi-meme." This, of course, pleases french waiters that an American would want to bother fileting his own fish. I don't know where the accents marks are located, so please excuse the spelling. I very much enjoy your blog.


have you seen those machines the fish guys have where they feed the sole in, and slips between two metal rollers, and the skins slide right off? Maybe you can pick one up at the BHV!

Ms. Glaze

Fresh Adriatic Fish– Yes it is a good movie. I've seen it a bunch of times too. Interesting to see Uma Thurman paired together with Gerard D.

Elarael – I believe the film is just titled, "Vatel"

Kalyn– I love it when restaurants filet it tableside. Such a lost art. We do that at Guy Savoy too, but not with sole. With St. Pierre and other large fish.

Ellen– You're a champ for skinning it yourself. My method is pretty much the same as yours. The water is really the trick that helps. The skin is very tough. The fresher it is, the harder to get off the skin. But so worth the effort.

David– Wait what!?!?! They have machines for that? I'm going to BHV! Thanks for the tip. Here I was cursing Poseiden himself while trying to rip the skin off.


Great blog. I'm a photog. and I'm sure I have some food pr0n around here somewhere. Just ask if you'd like some.


My knife skills are terrible. I need to take classes, so on that note, I rather have sole at a very good restaurant than at home. I have made Chinese style sole by dredging it in cornstarch and pan frying it, served with a cooked sauce of soy sauce, fish sauce, oil, slivered ginger and green onions. But for whatever reason my family does not care for fried fish, and prefer it steamed with the sauce instead.


I LOVED the movie, VATEL and I love the chateau it took place at- Vaux Le Vicomte - the most FAB chateau in France.
THAT is where the Grand soiree took place. And the king was so jealous he put the owner, Fouquet in jail for years.
And then he stole his architect and also LeNotre, his fab gardener to do his Versaille palace and make it grander.
But Vaux le Vicomte is the HEAVEN ON EARTH!
The film takes place there too...
More here-


They have grand candle-lit suppers there in Spring and Summer..
Maybe they serve that sole of yours? Watch here-


Well I am wrong wrong wrong!
The soiree was at Chantilly
Desole :(

Bob Spencer

Hmmm, removing the skin from fish.....isn't that what fishmongers do if you ask them nicely?


The genius of Ms. Glaze. Fastest knife in France. Say do you think cutting all those wild animals put you in shape?

Have you seen No Reservations?





your recipe is great and so was the movie, Vatel. So luxurious and opulent--a truly underated film and it was pretty accurate historically as well.

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