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December 30, 2007



argh, I made prime rib for Christmas and TOTALLY forgot about Yorkshire puddings!

now I'll have to make one on some random cold February Sunday, thanks Ms. Glaze :-p


Oh Yummers is all I can manage..
I love Yorkshire pudding too..


Ms. Glaze, thank you for the video camera info and happy new year's to you and yours! Keep those great recipes coming! :0)


This was exactly what I served for Christmas dinner...although my brussel sprouts did not look as wonderful as yours. Next time I will use your approach and gently steam. Thanks for the recipe. Happy New Year!

Mad William

That all looks wonderful. I might even try the brussel sprouts. Everything is better with bacon.

Jamie Lee

But where, oh where, is the recipe for the vichyssoise?

Please surrender!

Ms. Glaze

Yes! Everything is better with bacon. And I will post the vichyssoise recipe pronto...


Happy New Year Ms Glaze (here in Mexico today is january 6, Kings day, same as in France, with ring cake and all).

Thanks for giving people like me, who enjoy cooking for the love ones, so valuable advices, tips and above all so many good recipes. Your chiken breast stuffed with wild mushrooms was a total succes in my table, also that sinful chocolate cake. I felt guilty not wanting to share more than one serving to my guests and keeping it all to myself jeje.

I wish you for this New Year 2008 good health, love and happines. All the remaining comes with them by hand.

Gracias Sra. Glaze y Feliz Año Nuevo!!!


Uber Mendez

Ms. Glaze

Uber – You just made my day! (and perhaps my year so far!) Thank you so much for your comment. Without sounding too mushy here, I feel that I am truly blessed to have met so many talented, inspired, and positive people through my blog. I hope this new year brings you joy, prosperity, and of course, delicious food from all around the world. :-)


Ms. Glaze,
Yesterday I had the overwhelming, out of the blue urge to buy Brussel Sprouts, even though I don't think I've bought them as an adult, and haven't eaten them in awhile! Then today I check your blog and I see this. It's like an omen! I can't wait to run home and steam them up. Thanks so much for the inspiration and wonderful photo. Love the blog.

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