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December 11, 2007


Joseph Bayot

It looks delicious. I'm still debating in my head whether I'd rather have an amazing kitchen in the middle of nowhere or a small place in the middle of Paris.

Actually, on second thought, the answer is pretty obvious to me. La Ville-lumière bien sûr! My friend was in Paris for Thanksgiving and brought me some macarons from a patisserie near her hotel. Eating them made me want to drop everything and go to Paris immediately!

I really love watching these videos and reading this blog. Keep it up!

Au revoir!



wow, super yummy recipe even though it doesn't meet my 3 cubes of butter minimum. given that you are basically cooking on a campfire stove now, how about a wicked s'mores recipe? :)


Your video was excellent and the chicken looked simple and delicious! In addition, I truly appreciate my spacious kitchen after watching you cook on a tiny burner.


We just got a super selection of wild mushrooms from the market. Your recipe will be just the right one for these delectable delights. The video was super. Thanks.

Ms. Glaze

Before I moved to Paris I cared about having a huge kitchen, but over the last three years here my kitchens seem to be shrinking in size with each new apartment. Last year I couldn't even fit a small turkey in my oven for Thanksgiving and had to have my butcher rotisserie it for me. I don't have an oven in my new apartment, but l love my space, so what can I do? One bonus is when people come over to eat, they are even more impressed that everything was made on two burners!

Ms. Glaze

E-dub: Smore's huh? You give me a French name for it and I'll make em. I think I have some coat hangers to toast marshmallows with.

paris breakfasts

Your kitchen looks GRAND!
Well much better than when I first saw it.
And the chicken dish is irresistable.
Next on my cooking agenda.
Terrific video too.


Thank you for the great study break! I'm studying for my geography of food exam, so I think this makes an appropriate study pause.

I'll have to try this one out. Are there any other options for sauces that aren't cream based? I rarely buy cream so it always seems to go to waste when I buy it for a recipe.

And the new kitchen is tres mignon. Don't worry, I had my shower right beside my sink and stove in my shoebox apartment in Paris, c'est charmante, non?

Ms. Glaze

Bonjour Gillian! A food geography class!?!? Sounds fascinating! Most sauces are thickened with some sort of fat which means cream or butter or both. If you want you can reduce the wine and chicken stock until you have just about a 1/4 cup left, take it off the heat and swirl in 1-2 T of butter. (if you whisk in the butter on the heat is will separate). Or you can make a roux which is a combo of flour and butter (60g of each) cooked and then added to your sauce. I normally use that for really thick cream sauces so I wouldn't suggest it here. Then there's always good ol' cornstarch, but a little goes a long way or you'll end up with a lump of sauce. Arrow root works too. If you're not using too much creme or butter and it's getting divided over 4 chicken breasts, I wouldn't worry too much about the fat content. If your not a dairy fan, then try the other choices! Hope this helps? Bises, Ms. Glaze


Les biscuits du feu avec guimave au chocolat?

Sara Goldrath

Hey you, love the video. I dont get the foodnetwork channel in my dorm so this is a nice substitute-but better ...just wondering when youre coming back to the bay area so we can hang out

Ms. Glaze

SAS – You did it! You came up with the name for Smore's in French. I guess I have to do the video now. Who knew that guimave meant marshmallow? I had to look that one up.

Sara – I'm coming home for the holidays. I haven't booked my ticket yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing all YOU GROWN UP COLLEGE STUDENTS before coming back to Paris so we need to make a date. Can't wait to hear all about Philly. And what does a vegetarian cheesesteak taste like?


Looks deLISH!!!


I must admit I am pretty attached to my fairly big U.S. style kitchen (where I'm well on the way to having every cooking gadget known to man), but you do make it look awfully fun! Thanks for mentioning my pan-roasted chicken recipe too, need to make that one again!

Janice C Cartier

Oh yum! Making this for sure. I had forgotten how easy some dishes can be..love the kitchen. love the video...Wonderful fun.
All best, Jan

Bob Spencer

I used your wonderful Mushroom Cream Sauce recipe. However, I added just a pinch of nutmeg and a bit of white wine. It was wonderful. Thank you.


I love your blog! I enjoy reading and learning all the different things that you showcase here. I tried this recipe yesterday and it was wonderful! I made it for my boyfriend and his brother and they loved it!! I am telling everyone about your blog and how great it is! ;)

Happy Holidays!!


hey i gotta say i am totally addicted to your blog..i'm currently a student at the cordon bleu and a big foodie like u so i really enjoy everything u do!..and just the adventures in paris and little kinks u discover in french culture haha cause little by little i'm doing that too!!! so keep it up i really do adore your blog!


Great Video. I tried the recipe. It's really delicious. But one question: My sauce didn't come out so beautiful yellow. I added the mushroom juice which was something quite brown. How did you get such a "pure" colour?
Here's the link to my post:

MS. Glaze

For my recipe there really wasn't a lot of mushroom juice. The shitakes were very dry. However, the combo of the chicken stock, white wine, and pan drippings from resting the chicken and resimmering it in the sauce should turn it a nice light yellowish color.

MS. Glaze

Claudia – I just went to your site and i think I have the answer on the sauce. The chicken needs to browned. It really is the jus from the chicken that gives the sauce it's nice golden color. I think your chicken (judging from the photo) was slightly browned but not completely. Mushroom jus will turn any sauce a little dull, but that doesn't mean that it's bad! Hope this helps? ms. glaze

adrian Moore

Wow! A Parisian apartment. In Paris!

Eddie Lin

What an elegantly simple recipe. I'll think I'll try it...with ostrich breasts, of course. Hey, it has to be a little weird if I'm cooking it.

Le Meg

Well it looks much better than how you had originally described it! I see that you and IKEA have worked wonders in there.

It is, believe it or not, bigger than mine. At least you don't have to put the dishrack on the floor when you need some space to chop!

(...or do you?)

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