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January 23, 2008



Congratulations on the position! I'm a cook in the US that is going to attend Ferrandi in Paris for cuisine in september of this year and have been looking at blogs of cooks in Paris. I've read yours for a little while but decided to finally post and congratulate you on the job specially at 3 star restaurant like Guy Savoy. People can get in there on their resumes or who they know but to endure and be promoted to chef de partie speaks volumes.

ps: go ahead and pop that champagne!


WOW, Amy -- just WOW. Congratulations, first of all, even if I know you're shaking in your boots right now. But they obviously believe in you and have seen you do excellent work, so they're convinced you'll continue to do so. And you're obviously MADE for this -- everything you have shared with us here on your blog, all that we know of you, proves that food is definitely in your blood, and that you were made to spend your days cooking.

I am thrilled for you, and I'm sure you'll get through the tough times with flying colors. Again, this is just another step on your way to your own restaurant, I'm sure! One day we'll all be talking about Chef Amy's place...

And I agree with Amir: I think you should definitely have some champagne -- you deserve it!

Jason b.

Congrats! That's a big step. Are you the first American chef de parti(and woman) at the restaurant? That seems pretty rare for France, at Guy Savoy no less.
Btw, I showed my chef you "how to talk like a french chef" post and he thought it was hilarious and spot on.


Congratulations! You can do this.

Ms. Glaze

Amir – Thanks ;-) and you must tell me how you like Ferrandi because people ask me about it all the time. By the way, I did have one friend who graduated from there (see Moveable Feast in my blog roll) and she loved it and was hired on afterwards at a 2-star restaurant. Keep in touch when you cross the pond!

Alice – Shaking doesn't even begin to describe my fear or failure. The older I get the higher hurdles appear. However, I think I will indulge in that coupe de Champange – just to calm my nerves of course.


Woohoo! Congratulations!

I was just reading an article about Gordon Ramsay's female chefs, and one of them had also started at Guy Savoy and was promoted to Chef de Parti. Now she's head chef in a Ramsay restaurant.

You have a more work to do, but this is a big sign you have the talent and drive to make it. Good luck!


Okay, Ms. Glaze, now we'll really have something to celebrate when I win the lottery and come to Paris! :> BTW, are you staying in "bones" or moving to another part of the kitchen? Whichever, beaucoup des félicitations! Bonne chance, et restez fort!

Ms. Glaze

Jason – I don't know if I'm the first American female Chef de Parti at Guy Savoy. There was another woman awhile ago (years before me) who ended up as a chef at a big restaurant in New York, but her name is escaping me right now. I'm not sure if she was French or American. But as you know, there are just not a lot of women in the industry in France. However, Guy Savoy does hire women and promote them too. There are several Fremale chefs (sous and executive) at his various restaurants in Paris and abroad.

Alison – Merci bien ;-)

Berry – I have a lot of learning to do before even considering being a head chef anywhere, but I like that story and I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

SAS – I don't know what station I'll be at and I doubt I'll be part of the bones brigade (thankfully). I'm hoping I will do something less bloody this time around. And perhaps something in a cooler section of the kitchen ;-)


Congratulations! Just keep doing what you're doing as it is obviously working. Tough challenge, but one where we know you can excel. Bon chance!

David Wendel

Congratulations Amy!!! Now when I have lunch at Guy Savoy I will at least know that something I have eaten was cooked or watched over by you!


That is super! Congratulations Amy.


Hi Ms. Glaze,
I discovered your blog last year while doing a google search for pastry dough or something like that and I've been following ever since! I love your mouth-watering recipes and the stories you share. Congratulations on the promotion!!!

As for the fear factor - I think that fear is always a good sign. It shows that we have true passion for what we're about to do.

I look forward to reading about your new adventure!



Congrats Amy! This is fantastic news! ;-)


Congratulations! You'll do well, I'm sure. This may sound weird but make sure you get enough cal/mag and B vit (with supplements if necessary), because high heat and stress strips it from your body and that depletes your nervous system and ability to think straight under pressure. Breathing exercises are very good too, haha, and I'm totally serious : ) BEST of luck!

Cassoulet Cafe

Congratulations! Exciting (and yes, scary) news!


Let your star shine Amy!And do not be worry for anything if they did not be sure a 100% for you i don t think you had finally got this job so CARRY ON!!

Impetus Press

Good work! Now get into that kitchen, kick some ass and take some names! And arrange for me to get spoiled PROPERLY on my next visit, by a Maitre'd whose head is not all the way up his ass :)

I think it goes without saying that your publishers are very, very proud of you.



Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations.

I'm a long time reader but do not often comment (this may be the first, in fact) but I can't think of an entry that demands it more. Fantastic!


Sara Goldrath

OH my goodness first of all congratulations! I am so happy for you! You're going to be amazing and I'm gona come visit you in the kitchen!! Second of all, I would like to congratulate you on the amazing blog following you have! This is great! Third of all, I miss you a lot...


Congratulations Ms. Glaze!!

...I think...

; )


Answered prayers...

Trial by fire...

One step at a time...


MERDE as the French say :)


Many congratulations! I very much enjoyed your youtube London Treasure Hunt video (especially since I make treasure hunts for a living!)
Thanks and good luck with your new job,
Don't be too nervous:


The French dancer says "Merde" before a perfomance. What will the American Chef de Partie say?
Count me among all the other 'well wishers' for your success and happiness.
Oh! what stories are awaiting us...


Hi Ms Glaze !

Toutes mes félicitations !!! You worked hard for it !

Sounds like the New Year has come in with a bang ! (grin)



Congratulations Amy ! I wish you lots of success and especially energy !

Reason to celebrate chez Ken ?

On my side there have been some changes. Eventually it wasn't the right thing for me. Hope to see you soon, But if you started already, you'll probably be dead during the repos... ;)


Wow!! Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for a while and it's fabulous. As often the only female in the kitchen it is always insightful and helpful to read of your own experiences. I thought to check it today after accepting a challenging chef job and, coincidently, I am feeling as churned up as you. Bien joue et felicitations!

Ms. Glaze

Amy this is incredible... just amazing. You can do it, I know... WOW!


Mad WIlliam

Way to go!

Nerves are a good thing. They wouldn't have given you the position if they didn't think you were ready for it. Right?

Maybe in the US, but not there.

You'll be great.


Amy, that's fantastic news. Congratulations and good luck. I hope you're not too worried -- you were obviously promoted because you're great at what you do.


Je vois des liens français...alors je te laisse un petit message de chez moi en Alsace et Strasbourg..Bonne journée


How exciting--and yes, I can understand why it would be nerve-wracking, too.

And really, thanks for the insight into the word "chef" as used in France.


congratulation amy, that's brilliant news. and as for the fear factor - if you weren't a little bit scared then you'd be wasting your time!


Congratulation Chef. And thanks for sharing the recipes and techniques.


I followed a link to your blog tonight, and have spent an enjoyable evening reading about your adventures. Congratulations! After reading and watching your videos, I think you'll handle this promotion beautifully. :)


I hear this too loudly and too clearly, as I am a cook in a very good restaurant back stateside...there is a reason its called cooking for a living, and some people forget that...its sous chef syndrome back here, lets get through one big push so they can step off and begin ordering at a snails pace or waste time on the office computer...your going to be fine, ive watched your videos, especially your top chef application...judging by your confidence in the kitchen and the attitude with which you are regarded by the other people at the restaurant, and vice versa, its something your ready...cook hard, later, greg


Hey mama bean!!! I am so excited for you! Congratulations. I feel the same way as you. I would consider myself "chef de Partie" of the ship I work on.... I am actually considered the head chef now. I got promoted too bean!! Long stories to tell you. Wish I could call you but I am in Mexico and don't have cell service...ever.

Miss you desperately,

baby bean

Ms. Glaze

Jamie – I've been thinking about you and wondering what oceans you're sailing in. My little swash buckling galley cook! Congrats bébé haricot Chef!

GKF – Had to laugh at "sous chef syndrome" I've seen it before. One American restaurant I worked in had 5 sous chefs and 2 executive chefs – for what I ask you? There was a lot of directing and not a lot of executing. Very funny, thanks for that.

I can't thank everyone enough for the comments!!!


There is this joke that goes something like this:

Men in women professions are usually gay. Women in men's profession are pioneers.

No wonder you are panicking. Just hope you can breath calmly in the hot, chaotic, scrunchy work environment.

I can't wait for the stories to roll in. Yupee! Not only are you back, but your are back in big style.


Dear Amy, this is some fantastic news, congratulations!I can't wait to read your stories. Love your blog! Zsofi


Congratulations Chef. Thanks for sharing the techniques and recipes.


Congrats Amy! :)

Buckley Steele

Amy, Congradulations!

don't fret! in all my years experience in professional kitchens the decision to promote is NEVER made by one person,but usually by the management team to ensure continuing success,especially if you you are involved with a successful enterprise.So you were probably chosen as the most probable,and qualified to succeed in the chosen position. Remember to reflect on your past toutlidge,and listen to your innerself.You must also visualize yourself as a confident and successful Chef de' Party.Carry that torch with pride! Regards,Buckley Steele

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