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January 28, 2008


Mad WIlliam

Don't you just love sharp knives?

My Father and I were cleaning game once. He stabbed me, by accident. We both felt the tip of his knife hit the bone on my right index finger.
He stopped, looked at me and asked, "Was that your hand?"

I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't hit bone.

Good times.

I still have a lovely scar.


YIKES. Shivers all the way down to the back of my knees... I've noticed that cuts from ultra-sharp knives heal VERY quickly though.

Sorry to hear you're sick -- get well soon and go show 'em your stuff!


Hope the eventual first day in your new position goes well. Those freshly sharpened knife cuts are the worst--I usually notice it when I start working with peppers (yow). And good thing the missing finger condom story had a happy ending! ;-)

Dave Wendel

Hmmm....maybe I will have to send mine over. They could use a good sharpening. I know how to do it but have no desire to do it. Trying to find a good place that isn't just going to use some 10 dollar sharpener is hard these day!!! I hope you feel better.


Stu "El Inglés" Harris

I was in the knife department of BHV last september, and the special tomato knives caught my eye (so did the flirtatious vendeuse, actually, so I was motivated to stay and discuss... er, sharpness). When I finally got to deploy it as part of my batterie de cuisine, I wished I'd bought more to give to all my friends. That baby really works!! Farewell for evah to that nervy moment as you saw back and forth wondering whether the blade will eventually pierce the tomato skin or slide off and pierce you. Highly recommended.

one food guy

I feel your pain. Many many years ago I worked in the kitchen of a summer camp. While using the deli slicer to make platters of turkey and salami, I sliced the tip of my finger off. A few bandages, a finger condom, and a little, okay, a lot of bleeding, I never found my finger tip. I'm sure an unsuspecting camper ate it - or maybe, wishful thinking here, it ended up in the slop bucket and ended up in the pig feed at the farm down the street that we sold our food scraps too.


Amy, that's so funny. I go to the same knife guy. He is such a lovely person ! I wrote about him on my blog too, with photo :


Sorry to hear you are sick, that is not so funny. Hope you get well soon for a good start as party-chef ;)


Ms. Glaze

Mad William – Yikes! He hit the bone? zoot alors! At least he didn't stab you in the back :-)

Tinfoiled – I'm back at it now, and believe it or not I slice my finger just pulling my knives out of the case. Talk about accident prone. Definitely felt like a big idiot asking for the bandaids after ten minutes of my first day.

Stu – Gotta love tomatoes knives. After my little mishaps I always try to use a serrated knife for tomotoes. Either you cut yourself if your knives are sharp or if they're dull they slip of the skin and you cut yourself because your pushing down so hard to make the incision.

One Food Guy – You slice off your finger tip??? I hope not too much of it! That happened to guy I was working with at Ecco on the meat slicer too and was working right next to him and saw it happen. he sliced off a little more of his finger tip. We rushed him to the hospital with the remaining piece. I never saw him again so I don't know if he was alright.

Ulla – Can't wait to talk with you and get the dirt on Helene DaRoze. Hope your hanging in there.

thor thorson

Your story of the missing bandaid and finger condom reminded me of a funny episode in Chef - the BBC series with Lenny Henry - if you have not yet viewed this hilarious series, do so, it is really funny and I think chefs will doubly enjoy it.

The recipes are delicious - thank you so much.


ugh im feeling nauseous jus thinking about chewing on that bloody finger condom... lol

what do you have against global knives?

Sylvia Scarlett

Ouch! When I was a baby, my Mom made a deep cut in her finger with a butcher knife when preparing lamb. Now the strange fact is, she usually almost faints at the sight of blood. But because she was home alone, she wrapped her bleeding finger in bandages and alcohol, and drove herself to the hospital!


That makes me paranoid about double checking my salads from now on... especially things that might look like calimari with tomato sauce.

and that knife guy sounds awesome. i wonder if he names customers from other countries all the same way.

Ms. Glaze

For the longest time I always ordered salad dressing on the side because people used their bare hands. But now the times have changed (in the U.S.) and most people are required to wear gloves at all times.

As for the knives. I loooooooove Global knives. Anyone who cooks all day long appreciates their thin precision blades and their light weight. But twelve years ago there was really only two choices: Henkles or Wustof. All I meant, was that Global wasn't around to choose from.

izzy's mama

And I thought I was the only one to serve bloody band-aids to patrons in a high-end restaurant! I was on garde manger duty at a prominent hotel in New York, preparing salads and the very same thing happened. Nobody mentioned it either. I just can't imagine where that band-aid ended up.

Cassoulet Cafe

Ok, my fingers are hurting and my stomach is churning! I read all of your post, but couldn't finish all the horror stories in the comments ;)
Blood is something nowadays that really worries me. What if someone with a disease did that and then someone else ate it? Do you think this is common? Yikes!
As for knives, I have never used Global, but I recently used a top of the line Wusthoff (sp?) bread knife to cut a hard, crusty round loaf. Oh.My.Gosh. It went into the bread like BUTTER! I started cutting paper thin slices just to see if it could. It did!
I had soooo much fun with that knife that I would be oh so happy if I even had the small version! Now I realize why it looks soooo easy on TV...because they use the right tools!
Great post!


Hi Ms Glaze your post prompted me to sharpen my knife last week. I got out my wetstone and new sharpening guide and ground away. I was quite disappointed with my results. I thought I might give the steel a go and it seems to have done the trick. Hardly professional but good enough for me.
I bought a cooks knife from a catering equipment shop which seemed to be okay. I can't remember the make, I think it was Spanish.


! ! !

Buckley Steele

Hi Amy,another great story! I laughed and gasped as I red it,but this is a part of the makings of a Chef! it prolly won't be your last as there are many years ahead and the circumstances will all improve your talent of becoming a true Samuri Chef, LOL
Even though I no longer work professionaly people are amazed every time I pick up a knife and use it,and so they shall with you. Give it time and you'll "Nip it in the bud"
Big Grins,Buckley


It's actually 181 Rue D'Alesia :)

M gérard KRIEF

la coutellerie d'alesia vous remercie d'avoir parlé d'elle
merci pr les recettes !!!

a bientot

Paul Sidelinger

Yes the right tools make all the dofference in the world especially when it comes to cooking. I saw a comment above mentioning Wusthoff knives. I think they are some of the best around. There quality and durability are unmatched, in my opinion. Good old German design!

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