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February 15, 2008


paris breakfasts

Dans le jus...
dans le jus
At least you're not in Russe
Charlotte Russe I mean...
How do they say "Keep truckin'" in French?
you will get out of le jus even if it's only to go home to sleep.
Oh I'm eating a carrot by the way
And cooking an "Amy's Organic Pizza" at this moment :)


Oh God, I feel your pain. I have no head for memorization at all. (Unless it's a very random and obscure fact that no one could possibly ever expect to have a use for...) Therefore, my favorite quote:

" Why bother remembering anything when you can just write it down?"
--- Einstein

Ken Burgin

Drag them over to Hotelympia in London or some other trade show and show them the miracle of a Point of Sale system. But I guess you have...damn yanks!

Johnny Zone

Aww I love those moments. Those moments are what made me want to become a chef, it gives me chills thinking about it. Amazing plates flying out of the kitchen that derives from so much chaos.

"Controled chaos"

Tonya R

sounds absolutely terrifying to me. keep those oars paddling!


This is the stuff of my worst nightmares, and have lived through in an English speaking kitchen. Brava for your guts to carry on in the notorious French kitchen and a Michelin starred one to boot. Molto, molto brava. I found your blog a while back and have so enjoyed your kitchen stories especially, your descriptions are so funny and on the money. Thanks.


Damn! I just discovered your blog and while you may have been juiced (in a frech manner) you can add talented writer to your list of non-kitchen accomplishments.

Your posts offer grace, ironic humor, and just enough description to paint a vivid mental picture while allowing me to visualize the details I'm familliar with.

Nicely done. I've added your blog to my list, I'll be back.


Coming from someone that would DIE without post-it notes, that is one of the scariest things that I've read in a long while :-o


Bon courage! It will click and you will be fine. We are all rooting for you.

Question: Any ideas on where to find good whipping cream in Paris?


I love this expression "dans le jus" -- I may have to start using it in my daily life.

I just discovered your blog and really love it -- a marvelous adventure story. You are living the dream in Paris! I look forward to reading more.


Didn't you go through the same thing when you were learning to prepare the feathered, furry creatures? You will survive.


Do not give up the fight.This is your firdt days so shit will happen no matter what.
So re-load and move on.


You inspire me.

Good luck.


"Mark of a chef: messy apron, clean sleeves!"

Ratatouille didn't say anything about being dans le jus...


Determination. Another of your strong points. Ms Glaze, you WILL exceed their expectations. I am so sure that I will be reading you telling the story of how you swon out of that "jours dans le jus" in a french 3 stars kitchen some day in the future. Keep it going!!! :-)


P.S. BTW I just score another big point thanks to the stuffed chicken breast ;-)

Greg K-C

I love reading ur posts, primarily because I can relate...its 2 am est back stateside and I just had one of the nights you so colorfully explained...the tickets absolutely roared in, like the Armageddon was approaching...since you would probably file me under the young cook category, i will leave you this peace of mind, we are just as jealous of u...i mean poise, maturity and consciousness are all things we loath for...the execution can be taught, the other stuff only comes with time, and unfortantely, there is nothing i can do to move time ahead...u however, can learn the motions, and it sounds like u will...keep me posted...i might find myself in paris in the not to far future...

greg k-c


Yikes, sounds like a stressful environment. Keep with it--I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon enough. :-)

Taj Nahal



My sympathies. I'm a 30yo woman, about to graduate culinary school and working in my first kitchen, and I cannot imagine attempting to do so in another country, the language of which I do not speak, let alone having it be France. I'm having a hard enough time of it Stateside.
You'll get through it, though, and so will I.

And, by the way, this past Thanksgiving, my entire family came out to Seattle to have the holiday meal in my new house. They love to help me cook big holiday meals, and for me to give them brigade titles. I read them your post on speaking French like a chef, and they adored it! They "Oui, Chef!"'d me for the rest of the day.


Rnjoy the site very much, in Florida My brother is a Chef my other two brothers can cook, me not too good, but being in Paris a few years ago loved the food, anyways My french Friend is trying too teach me too make crepes,maybe some day. ha


You know, I sympathize with you, I mean I used to have that problem years ago! Now I am the chef of a Union establishment where I have cooks who can't be fired, who are old enough to be my grandfather and won't retire, worst they can't cook for shit! So I would say your doing quite nicely!

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