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February 26, 2008


Stu "El Inglés" Harris

The sauce is called 'sauce mignonette', r?


Oysters and cleavage...some of my favorite things.

Ms. Glaze

Stu – thanks! I couldn't remember the name of it when I was making the video.

Buck – Yes well, oysters are off my list for awhile I think ;-)


don't forget you were just sick w the flu and your resistance is down; eating raw oysters not a good idea with the possible bacteria/viruses in them. beth


No need to apologize for the close-ups, it can only help your ratings ;-)

I've always found mussels to be a more convenient and less potentially harmful bivalve. Mmmmm, moules et frites.


Oh dear.

That sounds like an absolutely hellish experience. Glad you're alive and recovered!


Oysters are delicious. and I can definitely feel your pain about working life in a restaurant when you are sick. I was sick for a whole week but it is an unspoken rule that unless you are at the hospital, you show up to work. Those are the times that i see how different our profession is. My roomate works in an office and if it just snows a little too much he takes a day off, haha.

My favorite sauces to eat with oysters are mignonette, salsa verte made with oregano, parsley, olive oil, capers, parmesan... or a nice spicy crayfish remoulade. yum.

Robyn Vickers

Oh, you poor dear, you've had a bit of a run, lately, non? Sorry for the bad pun, completely unintentional. I know the feeling when life seems to have taken a dead fish and repeatedly slapped you in the face with it. But you do inspire us all to greater things, so I'm sending a big hug and a hot cup of tea. Feel better.


You can buy it over the counter in France and it's just charcole tablets and filters out the bad stuff - best when you've downed a round of greasy yummy escargots.
But raw oysters are tricky. You only need one bad one to lay you low.
And 50 oysters! girl.
Glad you are better. You ARE better right?

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

I was up at Tomales Bay a week ago, munching the famous oysters there. One sauce that was served was rice vinegar + jalapeño (easy does it). Surprisingly good -- I recreated it at home for serving with seared ahi.

Mad William

I just had a few bad oysters lay me out too. I love those slimy little buggers but the bad ones are deadly.

Hope you're better.

Johnny Zone

Love the video, and that is such a beautiful glove you have. I wish I had that when I started out working in restaurants. My only protection was a white towel that I wrapped around the oyster+my hand, and also to have the right shucker that works properly was such a key factor, people would steal it and I always got the crappy one.


Hmmm a few comments :
- no one says "le gastro" but "une gastro" when referring to a disease called "gastro enterite".

- only people whose mother tongue is english would nickname restaurants gastronomiques "gastros" :-)
Parisians would call them "les étoilés" (from Michelin red guide stars) or would use their whole name : i.e restaurants gastronomiques.

Ms. Glaze

Nathalie – The chef said "le gastro" and all the cooks in the restaurants call classy restaurants "gastros". It's their nickname for Michelin restaurants. The same way we don't say a restaurant with "etoiles" but with "Macarons". Don't ask me why, but I don't make these things up.


Yes i think Ms Glaze is right.I hope to be now on your feet!!
See ya!


50? YOu ate FIFTY oysters? Fried and raw? It's no surprise you had "le gastro," but it's a miracle you're alive. I don't care if you're Kobayashi, eating 50 oysters is insane. But I'm glad you made it through. Must have been a nightmarish experience...

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Well, no shit sherlock.

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