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March 10, 2008



Hey, you're developing a pretty good form for regaling us with your wacky tales.

But were all the municipal workers smoking as they lowered themselves into the sewers? (This is how I imagine Paris.)

Ms. Glaze

Well, just for the sake of story-telling: yes, they were all smoking Gallois cigarettes and wearing beret's underneath their hard helmets! Gros Bisous, Ms. Glaze


Laundry in Paris. You could blog on adventures at the laverie and never run out of material. Late one evening, while washing every piece of clothing that we possessed, the attendant came to close up. She shooed us and our sopping laundry out into the streets. The following morning, I left our nearby hotel carrying a backpack stuffed with still-wet articles. The desk clerk, literally, chased me down the street, convinced that I was skipping out without paying for the room. Much hilarity ensued.


You need a maid. Or a very good friend who will do your laundry while you're at work. C'est possible?


You have me ROFLing away here like a maniac!
Wonderfully wacky tale of water woe.
I must go read the other Laverie story...
More please! ! !

Lucy in the sky

This is hilarious, in retospect of course.
You tell a grand tale Ms. Glaze.
I never tire of reading of your Paris adventures.


Since work seems to require a zizi, and at the laundry, les seins seem to work wonders...perhaps you might consider becoming a hermaphrodite?

I can think of a few instances where I wish I had a pair of 'nanas'...


I like your cooking videos!! I feel like I am in a bubble sometimes making cooking videos, writing a food blog for a job, and it's great to see what everybody else is up to! (the money part of my job is teaching cooking in Italy)


Ms. Glaze

David – I'll trade you throughout the week because my nanas are getting in the way at work and I think a zizi would make things much different. LOL!!!

Faye – Wow! Teaching cooking in Italy? Can I come visit?

Lucy – Many thanks! And I'm glad some one else finds my bizarre laundry woes as funny as I do.

Paris Breakfasts – Can't wait for you to get here. Maybe we can do some wash together ;-)

Bob – I do have a femme de Menage (cleaning lady) who is fantastic. Without her I'd be a down right mess. But unfortunately, I have no washing machine in my new apartment. It's either refrigerate groceries or wash clothes. Quite the toss up, but the refrigerator won out.

Buck – Too funny! You captured it all in just a few sentences. I can picture the drama. ;-)

Stu "El Inglés" Harris

Tsk, néné, not nana. The néné is on the nana -- it simple!!


What a wonderful tale!
And I certainly don't think it's a misuse of female persuasion, actually I think it's perfect. After all....All's fair in love, war, The Friday Night Rush and naturally now, laundry ;-) Ellen


I bought a second hand washing machine today. So I thought it was intersting I happened on this blog. It cost $95, works great, and has a 4 star enviro rating. Awesome

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