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May 08, 2008


Sheltie Girl

I love polenta cake. This sounds simply wonderful. I think I should have picked up the rhubarb I saw at Whole Foods the other day. Then I could have made this without going back to the store.

Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go


I've never had polenta cake before, but this really looks tasty. I also like what you did with the rhubarb for garnish--I've never seen that before.

Sara Goldrath

Rhubarb compote is me and my moms favorite! We're gona try it!!! I'm done with school today and going home for summer on sunday!!


*runs to get apron* trips *gets up*
Im making that! I love polenta. I still cant find a purple sweet potato. :(


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I'm going to steal your idea for the rhubarb ribbons -- they really make the cake look so elegant. Beautiful dessert all around.


I have to say that, while I understand the reasoning behind not tasting as you make desserts...however, it's just as important to taste your cake batter as it is your demiglace...it's the only way to know if something is missing! It's way easier to add salt or leavening before it's baked!

Ms. Glaze

Lydia – You've got me hooked! And I love your writing style. I always look forward to your posts.

Davide – I haven't either. I don't know where you can buy purple sweet potatoes. But they exist. I can get both orange and white in France and in the States. Let me know if you find one.

Sara – You never told me how the tofu philly cheeseteaks were? I'm dying to know.

Mike – Thanks! I think Rhubarb is one of those things that people either grow up loving or hating. So it's fun to shape it in a new way that looks a little more desirable.

Natalie - I think rhubarb grows until September (not sure) so hopefully you'll have plenty of time to give it a shot. ;-)

Carri – You're right, tasting is an important part of baking and cooking. But if you can't stop tasting every other second it can cause serious spikes in energy making a long day even longer. It can also cause tooth decay and other serious health problems. Two of my friends who are pastry chefs have missing or black teeth. No joke. A little here and there is fine to make sure all is good, but continuously, day after day, adds up.


Googled and found this for purple sweet potato, it has links to cali distributors, not sure if it would help!

I'm originally from Vancouver and we get them in at the Chinese supermarkets on occasion. Wrapped in foil, tossed onto the grill or cut into cubes and simmered slowly in a ginger infused sweet broth (water & cane sugar).

How do you make yours?


Thanks JC! i want them even more after seeing those pics!

Ms. Glaze

JC– Cool! Thanks for the pics! Davide and I were wondering about them because of my last recipe post that included sweet potatoes. I found that purple sweet potatoes exist but neither one of us has seen one in person. I wonder if you could do a melange of purple, orange, and white sweet potato french fries? Or purple chips. They sure are pretty as a purée.


just discovered you via Google recommends. this looks like something even NO BAKEY me could attempt. i need a site like this with VIDS to show dolts like me the basics. yay! PLUS I'm hooked on Kiva too so that alone means I must add you to my reader! *smile*


Okay, I'm neither a trained chef nor a trained baker, but could you HONESTLY tell by tasting cake batter if you had left out baking powder? Maybe salt or sugar or even vanilla, but baking powder? Or baking soda?

And it's too bad this isn't gluten-free - I got all excited when I saw "polenta cake" in the title. Yes, I *could* use a GF baking mix substitute, but trust me, it ain't the same.

All the same, my mom would love this - she's the rhubarb eater in our family.


Made the recipe for a Bordeaux wine dinner tonight and it turned out very well. All the Philly farmers markets had plenty of fresh organic rhubarb so the most important ingredient was at its peak. Italians at the dinner remarked on "how light" the polenta cake was. I "reused" the blackberries cooked to make the syrup in the rhubarb compote.
Thanks, Ms. Glaze, for a fine recipe that left everyone happy.


Are the rhubarb ribbons good to eat? Would they make a good snack? Or are they mostly for garnish? They are truly beautiful.


Ohh I'd love to try that. I am beginning to appreciate polenta. I wasn't a huge fan before.

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Secret 7

This looks amazing, I'm not a fan of Rhubarb but will try with the polenta cake. Polenta has become a favorite of mine, i love to use it instead of grits.

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