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May 04, 2008



Both these dishes sound just brilliant to me. I love everything you're using here!


What a wonderful dish! Can I ask if these are dishes you make in the restaurant or are they your own? I have been in a cooking rut lately and your food is getting the wheels turning again. Thank you for the inspiration!


Hi Ms. Glaze,
I've enjoyed reading your blog since the begining, but this is my first comment. I am signed up for the LCB-Paris Intensive Basic Patisserie course starting 30 June 2008. I want to book a lunch at Guy Savoy while I am in Paris. Also would like to e-chat with you on your experiences when you took Intensive basic Patisserie.

Ms. Glaze

Kalyn – I always look to your blog for inspiration. I'm a big fan of your recipes!!!!

Davide – I go through ruts too and most of the time it depends on how tired I am. It's hard to be inspired when you're exhausted or when it's winter and the produce looks like merde. I make my own recipes or give credit where it's due. And, I NEVER use recipes from work.

Kevin – Congrats!!! I took the Basic Patisserie intensive course too. It was a lot of fun and A LOT of hard work. I gained ten pounds during that course from stuffing my face with pastries ten hours a day. Email me and we can chat about cooking in France and reservations at GS.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

This is one of those times when I wish I ate bacon. The scallops look lovely! I'll always be grateful to the fishmonger who taught me about "dry" vs "wet" scallops; now I always ask when I buy them at the market.

Farmgirl Susan

Absolutely gorgeous! Your combination of ingredients and flavors sounds truly amazing. I probably haven't had scallops (which I adore) in (gasp) over 20 years - what a divine treat these would be. Thanks for the delicious daydream (she types as her tummy rumbles). ; )

michelle @ TNS

i LOVE seared scallops - we get dayboat scallops, and they're no naturally juicy and sweet and sear wonderfully.

but i love bacon more.

King Negrito

Maybe I should come one of these days , today I am convinced :-)

Mad William

I wish I could find even half of these items on the northwest coast. As soon as I move back to California I'm trying all of these recipes.
I feel a party coming on.

We Are Never Full

Great idea adding the sweet potato and saffron together. I can see this as a sauce for many different types of things besides scallops! i'm going to remember this combo.

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