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June 22, 2008



aie, you poor thing! hope you're doing better, congrats on pulling it off anyway!


Oh my, Ms. Glaze, how terribly painful! I can't believe you were up and moving around with that cracked rib. Let alone brilliantly pull off your first big catering event. Brava.


Hope you can have a well deserved rest now (and heal that rib)! Oh my!


Oh boo. So sorry to hear about it. It must be no fun at all.


Talk about a trial by fire!
Bravo for pulling it off like the brave and determined professional that you are...If you want to see how the other(catering)half lives,go to thefoodwhore.com...you'll laugh
so much you won't need Vicodin ;)
May you heal rapidly and cater many,many more happy occasions!


wow talk about a trooper. Hope you feel better soon!


Ouch, but always finishing the job. After that experience, the French kitchen will never stand a chance.


C'est dommage! Mais ah buh oui, uh? C'est toujours quelque chose (avec mes regards à Gilda Radner).

Giggle. No, don't YOU laugh. I know how much THAT hurts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Even though that ain't gonna happen. STOP laughing! Go find some kitchen drudge to lift all your heavy pans...

one food guy

I'd say "feel better!" but I'm sure the vicadin is taking care of that for you :)

Glad the party was a success after all. This is a fine lesson in overcoming obstacles. Next time, avoid the gate!

Susie Vereker

Bad luck, Ms Glaze. But it will feel better soon.

Ms. Glaze

The laughing part is easy. Sneezing is like walking into the gate all over again ;-)

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

Ouch! Good grief. I've never cracked a rib, and I have my fingers crossed that I never do.


And here I was skimming your post title and I thought: "ooh, I love ribs... I bet that's a great recipe!"

I hope you can take time for a restful recovery... best of luck... we're all cheering for you!


Ouch ouch ouch! You give new meaning to "the show must go on"! Congrats on completing your first catering job -- I hope it's a while til the next one, so your ribs can heal.

Pont des arts

Joli Paris

Niall Harbison

You will be happy to know that you are on Irish national TV today and lots of people are seeing your video! Type RTE NEws into google and then search their site for iFoods.tv and you'll see youself! Ill send you a copy of the video later in the weekend! Cheers


You.....Are.....Amazing! I'm so happy everything turned out great. Those warm apricots wrapped in ham sound absolutely divine! I hope you're feeling better with each day and will be back at 100% ASAP.


Are you coming this way?

Feel better!!!


Ouch! Try this for bone bruises.




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I hope you can take time for a restful recovery... best of luck... we're all cheering for you!

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That's rough. Cracked ribs are no fun. I fell off my trampoline as a kid and cracked one of my ribs. It was extremely painful and difficult to get back to normal.

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