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June 17, 2008



Cute l'il snickers. I just got a recipe for gluten-free croissants - if they're any good (which in the GF world means anywhere near edible), maybe I'll try this recipe for a summer party.


Those are just adorable and they sound delicious! I love having dinner parties. I'll definitely have to check out that book.


Yummmmm. I love eating food in small bites. It's so fun! And you get to eat a bit of everything.

Hey so where is your blog entry where you are talking about French people saying "ma - buh Ouais !" I was telling my bf about that (who is American/French) but he doesn't believe me... !!! He hasn't lived in France since he was 8 so he can't recall hearing it. ARghhhh!

Kitty Morse

Bonjour: Just found out about your website. Ground Lamb "sliders" are sometimes called "kefta" in Morocco, where I come from--flavored with cumin, and washed down with a glass of mint tea! You'll find more recipes in my cookbook: Cooking at the Kasbah: Recipes from my Moroccan Kitchen, and on my website, www.kittymorse.com

A bientot, and Bismillah,



I love lamb and Harissa is my new house favorite condiment.

Farmgirl Susan

These sound fabulous - and they're so cute! Since we raise sheep, I'm always looking for interesting new lamb recipes. I'll have to make these the next time my foodie mom comes to visit - she loves both lamb and cumin. Thanks! : )

Helen Yuet Ling P

Yum! I had a baby burger (beef and foie gras) last week at Taste of London from L'Atelier du Joel Rubuchon. It was the smallest I've ever had, but this one looks even smaller!


So cute ! I love little things to eat. And I love (private) appetizer parties !


Very cute! These are just the sort of canapes I like!

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