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June 10, 2008



Les Trois Mailletz has been my late-night Paris hangout for at least 20 years -- nice to know you've found it. You're right, it doesn't have a touristy feel, but let's not fool ourselves, you hear plenty of American voices there.

I don't know that I'd trust the kebab places along R. de la Huchette. Is that little theatre *still* playing the Ionesco double bill?

Ms. Glaze

Stu – You know, I keep telling myself that someday I'm going to check out that theater. I mean really, I'm an old actor, I should go and support the troups. And, yes, that Ionesco double bill has been up ever since I can remember. Hmmmm....

You really think LTM has lots of Americans? Maybe you're right, but I just haven't noticed them in the past. Most tourists stay on the other side of rue St. Jacque. The owner of LTM offered me a cooking job, but alas, I had to turn it down. Had they offered me a stage job, I might have reconsidered. Fun place to hang out and very different from the normal Parisian hotspots.


Ms. Glaze..thanks for your blog..I'm a former LCB student who missed Paris oh so much...Thanks for keep us up to date with all the goings on of Paris.


stu and amy, yes, théâtre de la huchette still does ionesco and it is phenomenal. i go every summer.

amy, that kebab place has the BEST fries in all of paris! good call.

Lucy V

Thanks for the great post and photos of your hood!


Dear Wonderful Ms. Glaze,

I see my post from last night about Chateaubriand was buried back in May... so I just wanted to know whether you've been to this hip, concept restaurant... 129 Ave Parmentier (75011)...and what you thought of it...



The stuffed goat!! I spent 10 wonderful days in Paris last July, and stayed in a vacation rental apartment on rue St. Jacques just a few doors down from rue Galande. All your photos are wonderfully familiar. Thanks for this mini virtual vacation!!! Next time I'm there, I'm going to Pho 67 for sure!

Mad William

The 5th is my favorite neighborhood in Paris. We always stay there. This so made me miss it. I can't wait until we can come back. One of my favorite place was the Cafe Metro,when the market across the street is open. I could sit there and watch people all day long. And I have.

Thank you. I love your site. It makes me feel at home.


Thank you so much for your posts about life in Paris. I haven't been there since last May and miss it every day. Life in Estonia (teaching culinary students) is keeping me too busy to go anywhere but - one of these days.........


I just moved to the 5th, and spent yesterday exploring that very area! And thanks for talking about the church - I had lunch in the courtyard yesterday and was wondering what it was (I bought a bagel sandwich from the bagel shop across the street - YUM).

Ms. Glaze

Samantha – Thanks for mentioning that bagel shop. It's one of the only ones in Paris that really offers REAL bagels. Unfortunately you have to purchase them like a sandhich instead of plain, but it certainly reminds me of home.

Martha – Wow! Estonia! I've got some relatives not to far from you in Lithuania. I would love to hear more about your school.

Mad William – Wait! Where are you? Are you not in Paris right now? I'm going over to your blog to check out what's up.

Margaret - Thanks for reminding about Pho 67. I wrote a post on that little place awhile ago. It is my all time favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Paris. The family that owns it is great.

Matthew Rose – Sounds like I've got to get myself over that place. If you're saying that it's great than I'm sure it is. I've never heard of it, but I will put it on my list of places to check out.

Lucy V – Thanks for your comment!

Jeorg – You've convinced me to check out that theater. Once and awhile I see large lines outside, but of the time it seems like nothing is going on there.

TBH – No problemmo. When did you graduate?


The history of the Théâtre de la Huchette is at http://www.theatre-huchette.com/histoire_dun_succes. I daren't tell you when I first saw that show, as a near-penniless student.

Sue from Perth Western Oz

Guess What...we're actually here in Paris and nibbling on Tunisian je ne sais quoi but they're sweet and we love them....always love to hear from you dear Amy,thanks for the tip...we bought ours in Belleville as well as some lovely chicken and ras el hanout to do a moroccan style dish with couscous.

:)Sue and Joe

Sue and Joe


Ohh reading this makes me wanna go back to France sooo much!!!


Ms. Glaze I was at LCB from March 05 until November 05 for Le Grande Diplome.

King Negrito

Brilliant report ! and by the way, the church was not in the Da vinci code, but it is in the Highlander TV version, many episodes take places here as one of the Highlanders is living there ;-)

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