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July 15, 2008


Sara Goldrath

Sounds like fun! Hope you're healing well. Let us know when you come over to the west coast so we can catch up and you can share your vegetarian recipes!


I can't wait til my siblings have kids. I have so many fun things to tell them about their parents! hahaha

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My mom used to make homemade yogurt. Yum it's always so good and tastes nothing like what you get in the stores. After she made the yogurt she'd strained it through a cheese cloth to make labne. YUM!!!

Ms. Glaze

Sarah! I think you need to share your veggie recipes with me – I'm a sinking battleship here on planet vegetarian and I need some hellllllllllp!

Akinoluna – I've finally reached that time in life when friends are having children and it's been great to see how we've all matured into grown-ups. Strange, but exciting. A new frontier. Now holding on to all those old college photos will really pay off ;-)

SFGPP – I've never heard of labne. C'est quoi ça? I've definitely been spoiled in France with all the wonderful yogurt and even though the American selection is catching up (and maybe even surpassing in some cases) there is something rewarding about making your own.


If you make it up to Ory-gun to visit the other LCB/Savoy personne, lemme know. Although I'm on the East Coast meself until next week - a real vacay!!!

Becke (Columbus Foodie)

Are you sure those are raspberries? They look more like wineberries. Either way, they look delicious!

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I think wonderful.


Amy - if you're feeling the need for some delicious Southern food, please come visit Justin and me in Atlanta while you're on your "couch surfing" expedition!! We can feed you some delicious barbecue, grits, okra, biscuits,peach cobbler, etc. Our guest bed is ready for you!!


So sorry you're still feeling badly. Nothing like hanging out with a old friend to make you feel like a schoolgirl again.
Some friends of mine are going to Paris & staying in the 8th District. Other than the flea market & the usual touristy things, do you have any suggestions as to what else would be a fun thing for them to do? I've already emailed the info about Dehillerin (sp?). Thanks, heal quickly & enjoy your couch surfin', just don't wipe out!!

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