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August 24, 2008



I love all the colors in this tart and how you add a depth of flavor by spreading the pesto between the crust & filling. Thanks for the great ideas!


That looks so delicious! I love using orange bell peppers whenever I can, the vibrancy just lights up a dish.


2 bucks a pepper? To me, at this point, that seems like quite a bargain...


This tart looks amazing! I have peppers in my garden and a tart crust in the freezer that I just made yesterday. All I need to do is run out and buy the goat cheese!


The color scheme for this tart is simply gorgeous and I love the idea of using both Parmesan and pepper in the crust. Lovely recipe!

Ms. Glazes

David – Yes, you're right. I'd rather pay $8 for 4 beautiful bell pepper than 10 euros for a disgusting hamburger at Hippo (LOL!!!!). Besides, Paris no have peppers like these.


Happy Quail's products are superb. have you tried their padrons? They are a source for local rhubarb to - they it is more green than red it tastes good enough.

high horse

$8 for 4 peppers - you must not be shopping at Asda!


Oh wow, this tarte looks amazing! I'm still deciding whether to go to culinary school to improve my French, or not...

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Everything about this tart appeals to me -- both the crust and the topping are recipes I'd find many uses for.


Gorgeous peppers indeed. I'm lucky to live here in pepper country where the price is considerably cheaper. It seems you are back in France, so I hope that means your ribs are healed up and you are brushing up on your kitchen French. I always enjoy your descriptions about your French, especially in reference to what you learn in the kitchen. It makes me laugh out loud. I too have about the same level of Italian linguistics ability, but I learned most of my swearing from my husband, but then he too grew up working in kitchens and restaurants. Your posts are always a pleasure.

Ms. Glaze

Marla – I think it's been awhile since I've heard from you – thanks for your comment! What is it about swearing in a different language that makes it almost comical? Expletives sound much harsher in English. I'm in San Francisco right now with family lapping up the Indian Summer and feasting on phenomenal produce. I should be in New York next week. Ribs are healed – now it's time to rebuild my callouses!

India J

Yummy! I love the look of that - thanks for sharing..:)

scott (one food guy)

Beautiful tart!


OMG, that looks so DELICIOUS. wish i could just click a button and that tart would appear on my desk right in front of me. yummy. :)
Chris in San Francisco

David At BlogSavy

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Puma Clyde

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