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August 30, 2008



i loved the video! :D looks like you guys had fun filming it!


Great video :) I love this tart--such a glorious colour from the apples. I bet you smiled with each bite!


What a beautiful color! Wonder if I can find these apples in the midwest.

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Those apples are just lovely! Their beautiful color makes for a gorgeous tarte. I always try to use a fine French butter when I bake things like this. It really does make a difference.

Ms. Glaze

Arundathi – I'm afraid we had a little too much fun filming it!

Angela – Isn't the color outrageous?!?!? I didn't color correct the photos or anything. They are just PINK!!!

Eileen – I don't know if these apples are available in the Midwest. I've never seen them before in a market. I used to have a Pink Pearl apple tree in my backyard, which is the only reason I know anything about them. My suggestion is to call Dave (phone number above) and see if he can help.

Susan – I have to agree, French butter is one of the best things on earth. Especially the kind with the big crystals of fleur de sel – love that on hot baguette.

Sweet Betsy

This tart is fabulous. I had the opportunity of tasting it, and it was heavenly. Plus... it's so beautiful! It comes to the table with an "ooooh, aaaaah" sound. The apples were not too tart, just right. The puff pastry crust is a superb complement. Flaky, buttery and sweet. Nice work Ms Glaze!


Wow! Not only is it beautiful (what a shame to cut into it), but I'm certain it tastes as good as it looks. Maybe you could open a boulangerie?


BTW, if you google 'pink peral apple', you're number four on the list.

Ms. Glaze

Sweet Betsy - thanks for being my guinea pig!

Bob - Really, number four? Sweet. I guess there's just not many published recipes out there with these apples. Hopefully it will start getting the press it deserves...


Ms. Glaze..are you heading back to Paris? I have a friend of mine at LCB that could use some local guidance if you're ever back over there. Email me.


Eileen - Sounds like they're not a "supermarket" apple because they're not uniform in size and bruise easily. There's an orchard in Wisconsin (Maple Valley Orchards) that sells the trees, so you could grow your own. You'd only have to wait four or five years for your first harvest! :>

bob del Grosso

That tarte looks very familiar. Not so much the fruit (I've never seen a pink apple before today), but the sensibility implicit in the design and execution reminds me of the moment when I became dumbstruck by La Grande Cuisine.

Much respect, BdG


What a great video! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

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Mu Foo

What a girly girl!

I'm loving all the pink food lately. It looks like spring.

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