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August 13, 2008



I’ve been reading your blog for about six months and I love it – especially the videos. Hope your ribs are better soon. Are you going back to work in Paris? This zucchini blossom / scallop dish sounds great. It’s on the menu for Sunday. Thanks.

Ms. Glaze

Hi Michael – The ribs are much better. I can run and jump and breathe freely. I feel like a new woman! I'm in New York right now and I have been checking out the restaurant scene here wondering if maybe it's time to test my skills on home turf. I ate at Les Bernadin last week and it was amazing.

Or better yet, I'm hoping that some one will give me my own show! Why is there no French cooking on the Food Network!?!?! This must change!!!!


GF tempura I picked up from Ming Tsai - Mix 1 cup rice flour with enough *cold* sparking water/club soda to make a pancake-style batter. Add salt, chile powder or other spices for flavored tempura. Done. It's light, crunchy, tastes great and takes no time - perfect for my level of cooking skill!

About that French cooking on the Food Network - when are they casting the Next Food Network Star? Seems like someone always *tries* to make "accessible" French cooking his/her approach, but that person never gets to the end. Maybe it's time? You could call it "Frenching with Ms. Glaze." On second thought...


I have been dying to make this ever since I had something similar at the relais & chateaux in mougins a couple of years ago. they stuffed the flower with ricotta, though, I seem to recall... I'm so hungry right now.

Dean in Ohio

Where I work the Executive Chef loves to do this sort of thing.

Ms. Glazes

SAS – Thanks for adding the gluten-free tempura recipe. I should have included one (I have one on another post, sorry).

I like the Frenching with Ms. Glaze. At least it's better than the Naked Chef!

Maitresse – Bonjour mon amie! Hope all is going well with you!?!?

Dean – Any special stuffings that you use at your restaurant for the flowers?!?!


I was just thinking about zucchini blossom tempura the other day. I've never seen them stuffed with scallops before. Sounds exciting.


Well this sounds just delicious! A good scallop recipe, and no shell needed, yay!


Don't get me started on TFN. The latest "Next Food Network Star" was embarassing to the max. Not one of them deserved a second look. The awfulization of the network continues apace. I don't know what they're thinking. I think (having enjoyed your videos) that you would make a delightful addition. Somewhere along the line they need to hire some new food professionals.


I made your squash blossom/scallop tempura yesterday. Yum. It was a bit fussy to make but it was fun. I picked up a bunch of blossoms at the farmers market yesterday AM for a buck. There were 14 of them in the bunch all fresh and gorgeous. The ones I didn't have enough stuffing for just got dipped and fried plain. Delish. After I deep fried the blossoms the thought occurred to me that a dipping sauce would be needed. I happened to have some left over Vietnamese dipping sauce and tried it. The blossoms were better without the dipping sauce. Very light, tasting of the sea. The pesto, which I had expected to be a very strong influence, turned out to be subdued. It worked perfectly. The flavors are so light and gentle that a dipping sauce overwhelms them. Thanks for a great recipe. No way it'll serve six, though. Two maybe. You didn't mention anything to accompany the dish. I took the squash blossom as a Southwestern thing and made a corn dish. Strip a couple of ears directly into a cold frying pan, chop some red onion, a small tomato and a couple of jalapenos right into the cold pan as well. Mise in one piece. When you're ready to cook it, dribble in some olive oil and go. Add salt and pepper to taste. Takes two minutes. Corn and jalapeno are one of the all time great flavor combinations but they gotta be fresh. Again, thanks. By the way, what do you do with left over tempura batter?

Ms. Glazes

Michael – I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback and suggestions!!!! I was thinking of the recipe as a first course for 6 people, so one flower per person, but I didn't communicate that correctly. Sorry. I hope there was no problems filing 6 flowers with 4 sea scallops? I only add about 1 T of stuffing.

With the left over batter, I start just dipping anything in it and deep frying. :-) last time I even tried chocolate bars and oreo cookies. Not bad!


That just looks yummy. I'd love to see you on FN. I love your videos & think it's time for you to give us another one!! Pleeeeez! Have you tried frying lobster tail? I never thought you should ever do anything like that to lobster tail, but with the light batter, it is delicious.

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