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August 19, 2008



What a knock-out appetizer... with a glass of French champagne! Lovely.

Dean in Ohio

Wow! Sounds good.


I just came across your blog today and am completely intrigued! I would love to blog about all of my time and cooking adventures in Spain. These apple apps sound wonderful. Looking forward to future posts


Amy - I've tasted these pink apples before and they are tart. And they're captivating because of their unusual pink color. Amazing small things.

Also really, really like the new look of your blogsite. Cool banner makes a difference.



If you're still in the US, pick up a copy of the Sept Gourmet - It's all about...Paris! Who knows, you might discover some great new place you can tell us all about!


Wow! What a stunning appetiser! I'll have to keep my eye out for these beautiful apples (although, I doubt I'll ever find them in the UK.)


Angela - Good news for you...

Ms. Glaze

SAS – I will have to pick up that Gourmet issue and then I'll give you my impressions. It seems that everyone is still loving Spring (Daniel Rose's restaurant) so I'm betting money that he's included. And thank you for including that website! Very cool!!!


Do you make your own fromage blanc?

Ms. Glaze

Bob – I don't know how but, it's so darned expensive that it would be worth investigating. Do you have any suggestions?


The markets (FranPrix, Monoprix, Champion, etc.) sell packaged fromage blanc that's not too expensive and rather good, especially if you stir-in fruit or preserves.


Thanks for this awesome idea! I imagine any sort of apple would do...


Wow, I've never seen such a thing!! Now I'll be on the lookout... if I find them in Paris I'm calling you straightaway. (I'm back on thursday, what about you?)

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