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September 16, 2008



hahaha - that was way too funny!


Love it!


Love it... what a tasty munch. Yummm.


Sure wish I could have bought one as well. Though I'm not sure I would have taken dainty bites.


They wouldn't let you take a picture and they were eyeing you with suspicion? Are you sure you're not still in Paris?


It's great that you bit his head off first!


Ha, that's awesome Amy! Great story!! ;-)

Ms. Glaze

I know, right? What's up with not being allowed to take pictures. That's so Parisian. Who do they think they are? Pierre Hermé?


I bet they only said "no pictures" because you asked! When in doubt, just take the photo! What are they gonna do, chase you out of the store? hehe


You are not only forgiven, you are applauded.




Why didn't you just break out le francais? S'il vous plait, puis-je faire les photos? Les petite gateaux, ils sont tres chic.. Quoi? Je ne comprends pas...

So, what kind of taste does McCain leave in your mouth?

Ms. Glaze

Vanilla, very vanilla...

There was this big poster upon entering with a camera and a big cross through it. I've been scolded so many times in Paris, that I just immediately obeyed instructions. Silly me.

Margery Cohen

They usually have Obama cupcakes at Eleni's; they must have sold out. I got in trouble for taking a picture of broccoli at Whole Foods the other day. "If you take another picture,I'm going to have to ask you to leave.", said the 18 year old "team member".

Ms. Glaze

Margery! I'm so glad you dropped by. Thank You for sharpening my knives. So far so good!

I'm going to leave my job as a cook as become an agent / body guard for fruits, vegetables, and cupcakes. Le Grand Epicerie in Paris also won't let you take pics.


Eddie Lin

I thought NY was a blue state. Thank God, there're weren't no Sarah Palin cupcakes. I'd vomit.


Very funny. I'm going to forward this to all my French friends. They'll love it.


Hilarious! Especially the time-lapse destruction of the thing!


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Hey there... I just posted your McCain Cupcake post on Wonkette.

I'm serious! The Right Wing Kook Book!

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