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September 10, 2008


Sara Goldrath

Yaay! I was just going to email you asking if you were in NY yet!!! I'll let you know when I'm headed up there! Good luck with the interviews.


Oh, my! Best of luck to you! (Et puis, MERDE.)

Mad William

What? NY? How long have I been away?
How am I supposed to live vicariously through you in Paris now?

Well, I do enjoy NY.

Looks like I have some catching up to do.

Good luck.


Best of luck in your new town. You'll kill them. Well, not literally.



Uh, any chance you could skip back a few brainwaves and give us the scoop on this transition? You mentioned it might be interesting to work in NY, and then BLAM! You're there! Quite a plot twist...

Best of luck! Hope you find something that suits you (and includes a computerized ordering system)...


Maybe you can just write about the transition from the one city to another. All the very best of luck to you on this new adventure. Please don't stop blogging. Couldn't you use another name or not mention the name of the restaurant?


I just came upon flowgraph and thought it might be something that you might like to do. here is an example...http://www.flowgram.com/p/thkj2uknqr4w4z


I think I missed a few chapters too. I thought you were healing form broken ribs and then returning to Paris. Can't say that NY isn't a bad place to be, but I missed the turn in the road. I'm sure you'll land in a great plotline also known as restaurant work. Buona Fortuna!

scott (one food guy)

Congrats and best of luck on your arrival in New York City! I love eating in NYC and can't wait to come for a meal wherever you land - I spent six months working on a project in NYC a couple years ago and ate my way through the city on an expense account, it was amazing!

I'll be there this weekend, too, and can't wait to eat at some of my favorite places!

Good luck!

Greg K-C

San Fran, Paris, NYC...your conquering the world cuisine very quickly it appears...where are you looking to cook? Are you going to the starchefs conference?

Ms. Glazes


I did miss a few chapters because frankly I thought they were wallowing in it and better left unsaid...

I will be going back to Paris in the future. But the hours were killing me along with the euro rate. As I've hinted at before in older posts, when you become a cook in France, it's your life. And EVERYONE else is sacrificed in the process. The hours are twice as long than in the U.S. and even more physical (no prep cooks, no cleaning crews, same team for lunch and dinner).

I came home to SF to visit, but then – wham – I cracked my ribs and put myself out for even longer.

During that time, I had this epiphany: why are you doing this to yourself? What are you trying to prove? And at what expense? So I made the decision to put friends and family first and my health and financial wellfare too.

Restaurant Guy Savoy will always be a second family and I had so many great mentors there that were willing to teach me along the way. Incredible experience all around.

So why New York you ask? Why not work in Las Vegas or my home town San Francisco? Well, because I think NYC has energy and I want some of that in my life right now. I want to live in a city that has a nightlife and likes to dress up every now and then.

And besides Thomas Keller just moved into my apartment building... haven't seen him yet, but maybe he has a job for me?


I keep a corkscrew in my toilet kit, suitcase, and glove compartment - you never want to be without a corkscrew.

Ms. Glaze

Also, one little comment. Today is Sept. 11 and I was going to write about it. I live across from Ground Zero and there is a ceremony today. Last night, the dress rehearsal sent chills up my spine while the loan trumpet player practiced "Taps" over and over. But, I thought it would be better to talk about starting over and rebuilding. I just didn't want anyone to think that I wasn't cognizant of the date of this post.


Lovely to hear you're back in the states! Although really, my envy of you hasn't changed - first Paris and now NYC! Cities I both love. Perhaps next time I visit NYC, I can visit your restaurant!


Alors...BONNE CHANCE à NY!!!The best luck for you,just changing the apple you´re going to"eat";D
As we say in Spain:te deseo lo mejor en tu nueva etapa¡MUCHA SUERTE!


Hi Ms. Glaze, Congrats! I've been your blog reader. A friend who I visited in Paris forwarded your blog to me since I am really passionate about food and it would be my dream to go to Le Cordeu Bleu. Instead, I'm a really boring person with a corporate job instead. Anyway, I live about 2 hours north of NYC. I would love to meet you, but you prob think that's creepy.. I'm Chinese, female, love to eat and cook all kinds of different foods. Anyway.. take care in NY!


Pho isn't as good here...


When you do find work in a kitchen, let us NYers know which resto. I was in a Vietnamese place downtown where Lisa from Top Chef was working, and the customers there treated her like a celebrity. Your fans will stand up for you too.


Your life is very active Glaze... Did your ribs heal yet?. I always thought you would come back to the US. Surprise! you are here and that I think it's a good thing. Good luck in New York but I wouldn't grow deep roots there until you have had a chance to experience more of the U.S.
Plenty of wonderful places to put down roots here. Good Luck. God Bless.


This is very exciting news. I wish you all the best, and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in a new city!

Amanda Boyce

Congrats on the move. NYC is so exciting and I can't wait to hear all the great kitchen details you will spill :)


You'll probably be Top Chef before the end of the year.

Ms. Glaze

Either that or the Top Potato Peeler. LOL! I have so much to learn, so little time...


I think you should definitely change the title to "Ms. Glaze Eats Manhattan". That would be awesome!


Ms Glaze Frenches Manhattan
Manhattan Glaze (a new drink!)
A Glazed Manhattan (a new donut!)

Oh, this is fun...

Ms. Glaze

All right SAS, If you can come up with the Glazed Manhattan cocktail that tastes like a glazed doughnut and is not overly sweet – I'll cook you and your family a dinner sans gluten. :-)

I'm never going to get rid of this "Glazed Doughnut" nickname. Thank God my parents didn't name me "Honey" after my Great Grandfather or I'd be in a different profession all together.


I'll work on it - I'll be on the East Coast next spring, so start planning the menu. :>

Glaze Over Manhattan
Glazy in Manhattan
The French Glaze

The possibilities are endless...


Oh wow. Congratulations on your move and what sounds like a great decision! The BEST of luck to you : )


Welcome to NY. I, Like you, am circulating my resume and looking for work at the moment. I'm sure you will love NY and hope you get settled in ok!


Amy, Darling,

Sounds like a success story about to be unveiled! I wish you the very very best in splendid New York, you deserve huge success and fame in the Big Apple! After San Francisco and Paris, now comes the time for New York to take care of you! Lucky city!

Paris and San Francisco miss you, as do all the people that crossed your path there.

I will visit you soon!

Lots of love,

Marine – tu me manque beaucoup. Venez me voyez à New York!! Et merci bein pour ta comment, hein? J'espère je peux aller à Paris dan le printemps prochain (ma season préférée). Gros Bisous...



Congratulations on moving to New York. I am a native Manhattanite, please let me know if I can be of any help in getting you settled.


The fact that you are in the same apt. as the illustrious Thomas Keller is reason alone to celebrate your return to the States, and landing in NYC. Enjoy the Big Apple, and in the words of Jacques Pepin, "Happy Cooking!"


Ms Glaze in New York! Wow... Enjoy every minute of it.


Great news, if a bit jarring. I doubt you could have picked a better city to go to to demonstrate your talent in both cooking and media.

I think it will work out quite well for you.

As for Keller, you could kind of hang out at the elevator on the floor he's on... and then give him a few cooking pointers on the way down!!


wait, so you've full out moved to NYC?? oh wow! well, good luck to you! and congratulations on the new job, what an amazing opportunity...


Welcome to NY! As an occasional reader of your blog, I wish you all the best in finding a great job and building a wonderful life in the city - I guarantee you'll love it here!

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