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September 20, 2008


Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Congrats on the new job! It may be tough for a while, but very fulfilling. Remember, we're supposed to suffer for our "art". The rewards will surely be sweet!


congrats Amy! I wonder where your working hehe...about the knife thing check out Korin. It's a great knife shop downtown and they sharpen knives. Just don't bring too much money or you'll leave broke

Korin - 57 Warren Street



Cheesy as it might sound, you inspire me. You're living my dream.


Congratulations - it won't be easy BUT it will be worth it.
Best of Luck.


Congratulations! I hope you enjoy every minute of it :D


Congrat's on taking the leap of faith!
I bounced out of retail 2 years ago to go back into something more artistic, then got "reorganized" out of my full-time Arts Admin position a few months ago. These days I'm trying to make it as a freelance writer. Money is NOT flowing, but life is certainly better.
I hope it works for you, too!

Bob delGrosso

Alas, low pay is the reality of the business -unless you do every thing that you possibly can to promote yourself. Even the big name chefs don't make much from any one specific endeavor. But coalesce respectable incomes from many and diverse sources.

But you knew that, and I'm suspect that within a half decade you will be on your way to being a brand and be totally financially okay. At least I hope so. Bonne chance!

Ms. Glaze

Diego – Thanks for all your help so far in giving me the DL on the restaurants in town! I've heard about Korin and it's not too far from me. And I heard it is super expensive. But I hate my knives right now. Wusthof are terrible for professional cooks and frankly I'm not in love with Global either. I think I'm finally going to invest in some serious Japanese quality knives. Got any favs?!?!

Susan – I've always loved my chocolate bitter sweet!!

Adele – Thank you! Feels a little more like a acid flashback right now and less like a dream ;-)

Martha – Merci Bien!

Robert – Love your blog, and kudos to you for going for it.

Bob – Merci Bien Bob! Hopefully Rachel Ray will retire soon and I can replace her ;-)


I love Misono knives. They have a Molybdenum Steel Line that is pretty affordable. The have western style handles that I prefer and hold a ridiculous edge.


Fantastic news. Can't wait to hear about your experiences and new recipes. I can't imagine the staff will be quite so colourful as the one back in Paris. I'm going to miss your swearing in French. But, then again, the New Yorkers are notorious for being rude, so perhaps there is some potential there after all.


Japanese are a painful addiction, but prices on entry level knives are not that bad.
Nenohi, Masanobu, Hattori, Aritsugu and so on are the Ferrari's of knives and the price shows it at $300 to $500 for a 9 inch chefs.
Misono, Togiharu, Suisin Inox Western-Style are great entry level knives. They go for around $150 for 9.4 inch Gyutou (chefs knife).
All of them are so far above the Wusthofs in terms of edge holding(not having to use a steel), weight(super light) and ability to take a truly sharp edge it is almost funny. and I believe Korin still gives a 10% discount to professional cooks.

Be careful full carbon blades are not stainless and will rust if not properly taken care of.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

It sounds trite to say this, but hardly anyone gets the job they really, really, really want in life. So go for it. The money will work out.


Félicitations! I'm at work on the martini...


You could work as a waitress a couple nights a week. They make tons of money and it's mostly CASH.


Congratulations Amy - you're so fortunate to be doing what you love. Here's wishing you all the success in the world, both professional and financial!



Congratulations!! It might take a wee bit of time but I know you'll be at the top of the NY payscale in no time. Just keep networking and blowing your horn... isn't that what the best New Yorkers do?


One word, Glestain. Amazing knives. Oh, were are you working.


I love staying updated on what you love! Continue the joy and successes!

scott (one food guy)



From the Food Network site:
Think you have what it takes to host your own show on Food Network? Email your name, contact information and why you should be considered for next season's competition to NFNS5@foodnetwork.com.

Go for it - we'll all vote for you! But if you win, can I help name your show??? :>


Because we love it, we are willing to take paycuts that seem ridiculous, work 16 hour days to make ends meet and torture our bodies with the intense physicality of the job. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Best of luck to you in your new endeavour ~ I spent a heady week in New York last month eating amazing food at amazing restaurants.

Rachel rae

Wishing you the very best you go go girl friend !


Well, there is that book "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow." I hope that will turn out to be true. Why some people make so much more money than others is really one of life's unsolved mysteries for me. I do hope the job turns out to be just the start of many good things for you!


Congrats Ms Glaze! Hang in there... as my old roomy said, "the money will come"... Get into what you're doing... Het


If you happen to go to Korin, check out the Masamoto VG Virgin Carbon knives. That's what I switched to after my LCB Wustofs (I know your pain). The Masamotos are great knives and not overly expensive. Good Luck.


Thanks for the update and the fast forward material in the comments a couple of posts back. Thomas Keller in the same building is pretty exciting, but I like SAS idea of your hosting your own Food Network show, you already have some videos ready to go...exciting times for you, woo hoo, new york are you ready!

Greg K-C

Congrats Amy, I am curious about your position but gathering from your hints, your pedigree and your aspirations, I have an idea per se of where you might have landed...As someone who probably shares your mentality, I will try to convey the truth that I am still grappling with; often what a job doesn't pay in monetary funds it makes up for in experiences and adventure, just think of your tutelage, at its very primal core, a day-to-day sweat equity in a constant source of stimulation and growth...These experiences always pay out for 'us' in the end...Whether or not we get wealthy will remain to be seen, but we will undoubtedly be 'rich'...


I'm way late with this, but congratulations! I know you'll be successful.


Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you got the job. Glad to hear that all is well in NYC. Miss you!


Can you make a video on sharping your knifes. I simply cannot get a knife sharp with a stone. I lack confidence. What are you cooking? John


What restaurant are you working in?

Gabriel Kugler

I feel your pain. I quit my job in the electrical trade and attended cordon bleu sf in '05 also! The more famous and known restaurant and chef we work for, the lesser the pay , but the better it looks on the resume, (so they can "stick' it to ya'!) So to speak. I did my externship at Wolfgang Puck's Postrio. Over the past three years I've worked the lines at Masa's, Aqua, Farallon, Epic Roasthouse, and Kuleto Estate in St. Helena. The sacrifice in pay has been worth the education and training and development in speed and technique and palette development and, and, and....I would say our sacrifices are still not over. Now trying to work a little smarter than harder...been pulling away from the line and doing independent catering gigs with Albert Schilling(world class chocolatier) and Jan Birnbaum( Paul Prudhomme protege). Also starting my own catering company here too. I can make in one party what it would normally take two weeks to make on a line. But you can't take away that experience you get on the line, you know!!Just with the economy being "down" not as many people are throwing parties so it really helps to know the right people....

Gabriel Kugler


this site is awesome, go to the kitchen tab.

the store is local, in alameda,one of the best around !!Of course they deliver....

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